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  1. bzar

    Pyrainput (FunKeyMonkey plugin + pyrainputctl) design

    Background Pyra uses a daemon process for turning raw input events from several input devices into a virtual keyboard, gamepad and a mouse. The daemon is an instance of FunKeyMonkey running the pyrainput plugin. The plugin is configured by /etc/pyrainput.cfg that can set stuff like what the nubs...
  2. bzar

    Pyra pictures (spoilers)

    Since some people want to avoid spoilers, I thought we could just have a thread full of them for such people to avoid. Here's the package And here's a random other picture
  3. bzar


    So I made a thing called FunKeyMonkey. It's on github. It's basically a simplified inputty without Qt and scripts. It currently takes a evdev device path and a shared object plugin path as parameters, and relays any events to that plugin. The source also contains a nice uinput wrapper, that...
  4. bzar


    During the weekend I made a small doodad that might be of use to some of the developers here. Maybe others too, who knows? I call the contraption inputty and it's in some barely usable state in github. The point of inputty is to read evdev events and/or create uinput devices. It's all quite...
  5. bzar

    Jolla TOHKBD

    Kickstarter (not live) Any other Jolla owners here? Getting one of these? I'm backing this, though I'm relatively certain they'll miss their stated deadlines :P "All that is left is preparing and optimizing all parts for large scale production!"
  6. bzar

    Wanted: Space backgrounds for "Space Rocks!"

    Hi, I'm adding new asteroid themes to my game "Space Rocks!" (repo, thread) as shown in this post. Now I need fitting backgrounds for those. I'm no artist and though I tried to make backgrounds matching the current one from the same raw image data (hubble telescope images) I couldn't get the...
  7. bzar

    Release Space Rocks!

    Hi, This is an asteroids clone I've made mainly to test Cloudef's glhck. It turned out nice enough to warrant a release :P The game is about ambience, patience, risk vs. reward and delaying the inevitable. repo link Have fun! EDIT: Ingoreis made a short video of the gameplay, thanks! :)...
  8. bzar

    Application rating in repo

    Related thread: I was thinking about application ratings again and one idea popped up. How about we divide the top rated list into two lists. One contains applications with at least N votes, the...
  9. bzar

    Seeking artist for Wars

    I've been doing my Wars project (source on github, see first attached image) for a while now and it's gone through several iterations and a programming language change, coordinate system change, server messaging system change, and a ton of other changes. Now it's converging mechanic-wise to a...
  10. bzar

    Torque3D engine to be released under MIT license Linux support is on the roadmap. Anyone got any experiences with this engine?
  11. bzar

    QMLON - An object tree initializer for C++11

    QMLON on github I started working on a sprite sheet description file format a couple of days back for a project I'm working on. It got a bit out of hand and now I've created a generic object (or struct or anything) tree initializer system that relies heavily on the new C++ standard, C++11. I'm...
  12. bzar

    Release PNDManager

    Yay, another thread for PNDManager! Since there have been quite a few backend changes since the last PNDManager release, I need some user testing for the current development version before I upload stuff to the repo. The new release should be generally better in most aspects regarding...
  13. bzar


    Bug reports here: http://boards.openpa...831-pndmanager/ This thread is for general discussion on PNDManager, following in the footsteps of the compo thread.
  14. bzar

    On first interactions with open source communities…

    http://seilo.geekyog...ce-communities/ What do you think? I agree.
  15. bzar

    Pandora PNDManager

    This thread works as the bug / feature request tracker for PNDManager (part of PND management suite). If you have bugs to report or features to request post them here. I'll update the first post to contain up-to-date information on queued work. Bugs: General improvements: Feature...
  16. bzar

    Release PND management suite

    I've been working on a package management (install/remove/upgrade/browse) solution for PNDs with Cloudef, and we're presenting the results as our Rebirth entry. Our entry consists of four separate parts: pndman, qtpndman, milkyhelper and PNDManager. Here's a short description of each: pndman...
  17. bzar

    Awesome post on platforms

    It's kinda long, but absolutely the most interesting article I've read this week. I also think this relates to our little community here, given the whole apps.o.o and repo.o.o thing. Platformized versions of products prevail. EDIT: <meta>Started...
  18. bzar

    If considered harmful?

    A friend of mine joined the anti-if campaign yesterday and wrote a post about it in his blog. Now, I understand what the campaign is saying and I understand perfectly why one would campaign against returning nulls in Java. What do you make of this campaign? I'd be interested to hear opinions on...
  19. bzar


    Lightspark flash plugin came out with a new version. This one supports EGL/GLES rendering specifically to support low power ARM devices like the pandora. The plugin is by no means perfect, but could give us fullspeed youtube :)
  20. bzar

    [SOLVED] Screen bevel pressing on touch screen

    Recently my pandora developed a new crack in the lid (at least I haven't dropped it or anything). Now a couple of days later it seems the screen bevel is pressing the touch screen from the top part, causing all kinds of silliness, like some programs are slow because of the constant stream of...