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  1. gpsqueeek

    Phytium-based ARM PC

    Old games usually use only one or maybe 2 threads, the rest is for your system's background tasks...
  2. gpsqueeek

    The Pyra Video Suggestions Thread

    Maybe you could give a try to MineTest as an alternative...? It should be in the Debian repo and available for ARM from what I could see (not sure all the dependancies will be available though...) You will run into the same issues with the Phytian as it is also ARM based
  3. gpsqueeek

    Phytium-based ARM PC

    It is made by a Chinese company, so I expect it will be assembled in China too... DragonBox is a shiop that sells this product, not a designer (for the Pyra of course it is the designer, assembler and shop)
  4. gpsqueeek

    Audio via headset

    I think I've read somewhere on these boards not to go above 80% (or any other XX %...? coundn't say, sorry) with the current state of the software to avoid such issues. Hope this helps a bit...
  5. gpsqueeek

    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    I bought Spiritfarer on GOG (had it with 40% off), I really like it, the hand drawn graphics are amazing, it is a very cozy game, no stressfull action, just what I needed !
  6. gpsqueeek

    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    Maybe you can use joy2key (or other equivalent software, this one might be a bit outdated now) to have your pad inputs translated to keyboard keys and mouse move and clicks, now that your game is configured to play with keyboard and mouse. This way, you play with a gamepad and your game think...
  7. gpsqueeek

    Install application

    I think thenext step is to wait for video acceleration to be implemented on the Pyra. If you have any development skill, you are welcome to join the team I suppose (I am not part of it, just to make things clear, I don't have a Pyra yet and will have to wait a bit more, probably an extra Two...
  8. gpsqueeek

    Install application

    Hello, Maybe you should try this command line to make sure everything is up-to date so you can go on with Synaptic : It will ask for your password (do not fear if nothing is written on the screen while you type it, no * or anything, that's okay) It will take a while but then your system will...
  9. gpsqueeek

    What have you bought recently?

    Well, when everthing is configurable on several layers, it does add a bit of salt... the config tool is open source too, and they also provide the electrical schematics, which might help in case I want to add something at some point (which might also not happen, we'll see)
  10. gpsqueeek

    What have you bought recently?

    I went for a new keyboard too, but it is still a pre-order : I took the extra "linear A" keycaps too, because there a not many chances Bépo comes out anyway, and it is probably better I finally learn proper touch...
  11. gpsqueeek

    Librem 5 phone by Purism

    Production seems to have restarted : I received mine yesterday - I would not have bet on which arrived first between this and the Pyra... Looks like Purism benefited from their higher firepower ! Well, that will give me a bit of food for thought until my Pyra arrives (I thing my order number is...
  12. gpsqueeek

    Global Chip Shortage Threatens Production of Laptops, Smartphones and More

    So you'll end up driving 130 km/h if you ever happen to drive 130 km/h ^^
  13. gpsqueeek

    Release Reicast

    Well, console generation is not the only criteria to know if it runs well, for example the Saturn and PS3 are usually more difficult to emulate than other machines that were sold on the same time slot.
  14. gpsqueeek

    USB 3 OTG Port

    Hello, There is at least another USB OTG thread, just un case : Maybe there is more, dunno... e.g. this one about USB but not the OTG ...
  15. gpsqueeek

    What have you bought recently?

    Hey there ! Sorry I did not report earlier about my Wildling minimalist shoes... Well, here I go ! I love them, I actually bought two more pairs : a very light one (the fabric is mostly paper !) for summer - the red Tanuki Sango - and a half season I will get for my birthday soon to come (they...
  16. gpsqueeek

    Improve Volume Wheel Daemon (Bounty!)

    In that case, maybe using the shoulder buttons as alt keys could do the wakeup of the polling : shift + wheel = sound, ctrl + wheel = LED brightness, etc...?
  17. gpsqueeek

    GLES Status - Where we're at (Resolved - No issues)

    Maybe you played with a different screen (or keyboard) brightness ? This eats up a lot of power I guess, it might be (at least a part of) the difference you saw there
  18. gpsqueeek

    Tidied and more descriptive "wwan-status" script

    Maybe to see if the 4G antennas would dance...?
  19. gpsqueeek

    Future of production past preorders

    If my memory does not fail me, it was supposed to be a smaller one. Maybe the progress on sleep mode will help having a longer unplugged usage to compensate :-)
  20. gpsqueeek

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    ED said that the first 500 needed some manual modifications on the case, so it will be faster for the next ones ; until then, I guess the assembly will accelerate as the issues are known better, but it will still take time...