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    Gph: The Wiz - Official Announcement

    (a long time without post) so, I find this new gp2x very interesting and with this attractive price I think that I will buy it... I just hope that GPH will respect their games schedule because I think that we don't want to see again the same problems with them... maybe you will see...
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    Alex4 Port

    yes it's done for the loopy mini game ;) the game is full playable !
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    Cave Story ~~ Doukutsu Monogatari

    o very nice job simon, after one of my favourite game, alex 4, you just released the port of the best 2D homebrew !!! thanks thanks and thanks !
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    Alex4 Port

    Thanks Simon for this port ;) It's nice to see the pixel Alex running on my gp2x :D (I have finished the game already because I'm love it :D)
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    Crocodingus In Crocoland : Demo Release

    hello rokdcasbah The development of the project was stopped because of various problems: the engine/lib provided by int13 has been stopped, therefore we could not update the game with the resolve of bugs keys and other things... so there will (in the actual time) not have any releases of...
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    Crocodingus In Crocoland : Demo Release

    new game, new engine, new graphics, new story, new croco...
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    Crocodingus In Crocoland : Demo Release

    Hello all, After many days spent to develop this small game which is "Crocodingus In Crocoland", here is the demo public release of this game which was intended to be published commercially on the platform GP2X. Well, this version is "pre-beta", the game is at a rather advanced stage...
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    8bit Graphics Editor

    if you want to made 8bit Graphic : the reference is ProMotion : it's the best for making 8bits games ;) (palette optimisation, animation, etc...)
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    Gp2x Contest Winner : Crocodingus In Crocoland

    hello, I'm the game and graphic designer for this game. as you can see it's some ingame screenshots of the game. but maybe the game will be never the next issue is to release a free version of the game...
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    Game Editor

    hum, with the bought version we can't load/open a demo project, so i can't export your demo for gp2X and test it on my computer you don't have the choice -> if you would like to see your demo running on the real hardware -> go to buy it !
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    Drmd Source Code Released

    big thanks reesy ;) good job and good luck :)
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    Game Editor

    i tried and bought it ! here the link of my demo game :)
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    Xigon-x Updated Beta V0.8

    very comic ;)
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    Update - Xigon-x Alpha V0.3 Alot Of Updates

    this game seems to be made with game editor ! right? :)
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    Drmd V5 Beta 7 - For The Gp32

    good reesy ;) i have always my gp32 :D
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    Game Editor Works On Gp2x Now!!!

    the resolution of the carot game is 320 * 240...because i'm develloping it for qvga pocket pc ! and in this demo : graphics are in 16 bits png with alpha channel in my pda the demo run fine (block to 30 fps with 180 mhz) and with no "glitchies"...
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    Game Editor Works On Gp2x Now!!!

    +1 i posted a little demo of my engine for test on the gp2x... so test the Game editor soft demo and you will see how it working... its not hard to download and test on your computer...
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    Game Editor Works On Gp2x Now!!!

    code in C with this sofware but there are a lot of tools include on it like : - export easily : just click and point - make animation , create actor, draw actor, lots of functions with click and point - etc... just read on the forum test the demo with tutorials that you could see how the soft...
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    Game Editor Works On Gp2x Now!!!

    hello hello (same post that gp32spain) i'm making a game alone for pocket pc platform, and now for gp2x with this great soft (just bougth a silver package^^) here the link of this project (no optimisation and fps bloc to 30 fps, run on 20-25 on the gp2x system), is name is carotshoot certain...
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    yeah big thanks franxis for your great ported emu ;) and no thanks to Yamaha for this ridiculous posts over the gp32x board...