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  1. Gruntfuggly

    Stupid question: How do I start an app at log on?

    I really like Albert, but it seems a faff to have to manually start it when it seems like it should be built in. Is there a way to auto run apps in XFCE?
  2. Gruntfuggly

    Game Boy Zero... impressive hack!

  3. Gruntfuggly

    Medal of Honour on PCSX ReARMed?

    Does anybody else have problems playing this on the Pandora? The first level was fine, but the second level goes all jerky - I've tried playing with every setting I can find and nothing seems to make a difference. Any suggestions much appreciated...
  4. Gruntfuggly

    Miniature Underwater Strange Squid Eradication Liner

    Will the Linux version of this work on the Pandora? I'm at work so I can't try it...
  5. Gruntfuggly

    Font viewer?

    Is there a font viewer for the Pandora?
  6. Gruntfuggly

    Could I use a set of these with the Pandora?
  7. Gruntfuggly


    This would be cool on the Pandora... (just sayin)
  8. Gruntfuggly

    Release XPilot

    I've just uploaded my first PNDs: You only really need the client - you can connect to a few servers running around the world...
  9. Gruntfuggly

    Accessing user's resource files?

    I've got an app which normally reads a resource file from the users home folder. Whats the best way to do this from a PND? I've had a look at the wiki, but it's quite confusing. I understand that it's best not to write to NAND, so shouldn't access the home folder directly - I should export...
  10. Gruntfuggly

    Lost my x11 libs?

    I've been building a whole bunch of stuff in order to get something else to build. I was having trouble with gcc failing a 'sanity check', so I followed this advice: This worked a treat and I've...
  11. Gruntfuggly

    Built PND, but how do I run it full screen?

    I've built a PND for an X11 game which runs in a window. I'm using xfce and If I right click the titlebar, I can run it full screen. How do I get it to run full screen by default? If I run from MinMenu, I still get a titlebar - am I missing something obvious?
  12. Gruntfuggly

    Configure LED for external USB?

    Can I configure the wifi LED to come on when the external USB is enabled instead of the internal wifi? BTW - I've tried searching, but 'led' and 'usb' aren't the most helpful search terms  <_<
  13. Gruntfuggly

    Is there any way to play N on the Pandora?

    As per title...
  14. Gruntfuggly

    Whats the "killer app" going to be for the Pyra?

    When the Pandora first surfaced, PSX emulation on a handheld didn't really exist - we had glimpses of what might be possible, a bit like Reicast at the moment. The PSP wasn't out either. Good PSX emulation was the thing that made me want one more than anything else and now I love the fact that...
  15. Gruntfuggly

    Does my 'classic' need a SGX update?

    Do the video drivers need to be updated for the classic, or is just the 1Ghz? How do I find out what version of the driver is currently installed?
  16. Gruntfuggly

    Trying to port XPilot but struggling to get started...

    I fancied trying to get XPilot up and running on the Pandora and I'm not a total noob, so I thought it would be reasonably possible. I've had a few false starts though. There seem to be loads of different guides and tutorials, but most seem to have warnings about being out of date. Is there a...
  17. Gruntfuggly

    Baffled by picklelauncher...

    Could somebody give me a simple summary of how it works? I'm trying to use Mupen64 but it feels like guesswork. The instructions on the wiki don't make sense to me either. For example, it says there is a back button - is this the big blue button on the right? How do I press it? Sorry if I'm...
  18. Gruntfuggly

    Switching on and off (pulling hair out)

    Could somebody tell me in simple terms how to switch my Pandora on and off? If I do shutdown from the xfce menu, it shuts down but after that nothing I do starts it up again, expect plugging the power cable in?!? I tried setting the 'lid settings' to 'shutdown' too - which seems to do nothing...
  19. Gruntfuggly

    Got my pandora, but also got some problems...

    1. Using PNDmanager, when I try to remove anything when I press 'B' for yes, it doesn't do anything - exactly the same as pressing 'A' for no? 2. In the file manager, it won't let me view the contents of the SD card - is this normal? 3. In PCSX Rearmed, how do I enable the nubs for analog...
  20. Gruntfuggly

    Am I even on the list?

    Hi ED I know you're busy, but could you please do me a huge favour and just let me know if I'm on the list of old pre-orderers or not? I filled in Craig's original survey, but that's the last I've heard...  I can give you me order number and email address if you need them...