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  1. Bronek

    Again about VFAT

    As it turns out, it is now possible to totally turn off generation of short names in manner "compatible" with Windows, thus steering clear of potential patent trouble. The patch is being reviewed by patent lawyers, to ensure it fulfils this purpose. More here...
  2. Bronek

    Windows XP and Windows 7 on ARM.

    The whole point about porting Win7 to ARM is about creating a new "ecosystem", i.e. OS in which independent developers will release their own software (closed or open source, it's not relevant in this context). That software creates part of the "ecosystem" as well. The other part of ecosystem is...
  3. Bronek

    Windows XP and Windows 7 on ARM.

    wrong. Win7 is entirely different architecture, different API and different "ecosystem" as they call it. Windows depends on independed software vendors, as part of the upgrade loop which drives profits (Microsoft upgrades OS, vendors upgrade application software to use the new OS, customers...
  4. Bronek

    Windows XP and Windows 7 on ARM.

    Of course, you are absolutely correct on this one. Unless Microsoft ports Windows 7 (or Apple ports OSX etc.) to Pandora themselves, and I am not aware of anything preventing them from doing so. Except for the lack of business sense. While we are on OSes ports, I am quite keen to see OpenBSD...
  5. Bronek

    Release First prodcution samples of Pandora keymat

    EvilDragon - well done and thanks for your work on this! I like the layout a lot :D
  6. Bronek

    Should We Move? - Forum Transfer Discussion

    good luck, guys. I will re-join when you are ready.
  7. Bronek

    The Hunt For The Ultimate Sd Price

    In UK you can buy 8GB Class 6 Transcend for £18 at . Given that it's known brand and fast memory, I think the price is good.
  8. Bronek

    Pandora Payments

    let us know when & where donations are accepted, so shat you have enough to sue the bank (HSBC , IIRC ?) for your extra cost. I am serious. This is likely not the first time they pull this trick to keep the money they do not have right to.
  9. Bronek


    I also work in a big corp. They do not allow any private devices into internal LAN, none-at-all. And I"m cool with this, because (when I brought my private laptop to the office) I can just connect to the Internet via 3G modem. Works very well, the speed is not perfect but fine, and no-one is...
  10. Bronek

    Fat File System Licensing?

    well, I suppose that means that Pandora may stick to msdos filesystem (modules fat.o + msdos.o), which as I understand does not support long filenames. Only long filenames extension for FAT seem to have been patented (which puts vfat.o module in uncomfortable position you described above). I...
  11. Bronek

    Fat File System Licensing?

    1. I want to use Pandora to display pictures taken on my camera. Or swapping .mp3 and videos with a PMP; or playing movies recorded on a camcorder. Should I buy new devices which support ext3 on SD (assuming such things exist at all?) and forget about reading cards written by other people"s...
  12. Bronek

    Fat File System Licensing?

    Patents 5,579,517 and 5,758,352 were already re-examined and upheld (decision ruled by USPTO in Jan 2006 - search archives). It would be really, really difficult to overturn them now. Still, these patents only describe the method to store long filenames, perhaps we can do without this feature.
  13. Bronek

    Fat File System Licensing?

    There are couple of relevant post, will try to reply to them all.
  14. Bronek

    Fat File System Licensing?

    Just want to ensure that OpenPandore won"t have to dig deep in the pockets to pay the lawyers (as TomTom did, but they can afford it). If OpenPandora is to handle FAT file system, which I think is standard in SD cards (e.g. formatted by digital cameras - just to point where this de facto...
  15. Bronek

    03/29 Blog Entry

    citation cut, as not to sound rude, but I actually agree with the intent if not with the spirit.
  16. Bronek

    Quake, Yes...

    Is it necessary? I thought OMAP supports both versions of OpenGL ES.
  17. Bronek

    Pandora''s Type Classification

    handheld (personal) computer. Or HPC ;)
  18. Bronek

    Windows 7 For Arm?

    there is lots wrong about the legacy stuff, like DDE, registry, stupid APIs like IsBadCodePtr, atoms and windows classes, GDI and window management, etc. The modern system must bend over, reach with left hand to the right pocket and is generally crippled to have all of this stuff implemented...
  19. Bronek

    Optional Boot Animation