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  1. torpor

    Whats the going rate for a first batch Pandora

    I also have a couple of First Batch Pandora's I'd consider selling (#008 and #045) .. what's a good price in Europe? I love my Pandora, but haven't used them much since getting other things ..
  2. torpor

    Any interest in a GP32 FLU, GP32 Blu, GP2x F100 or a Wiz?

    Ah, Roger that.
  3. torpor

    Any interest in a GP32 FLU, GP32 Blu, GP2x F100 or a Wiz?

    My Wiz came in a box.
  4. torpor

    Wrapping everything up!

    I've been very happy using my GPD Pocket with the iControlPads. ;). But I still want a Pyra, because the community is as important as the platform and .. Pyra has a much better community than GPD.
  5. torpor

    Wrapping everything up!

    I come back to this board every few months to receive an update on the Pyra, and nothing pleases me more to see that Evildragon is still in charge and that things are making progress. I look forward to the day when Pyra is out there and I can replace my aging Pandora's with the new-school Pyra...
  6. torpor

    A Spectrum of Pyra Renders

    I love it, I definitely want a Safety Orange Pyra. Brilliant color for such a device ..
  7. torpor

    Handhelds for hardware hacking

  8. torpor

    A Spectrum of Pyra Renders

    Please do a Safety Orange render!
  9. torpor

    M5Stack ( split from Odroid Go )

    The point was, before this thread was split, that the m5stack would be a great platform for a pico8 port - which imho, is quite sufficient for the task.
  10. torpor

    M5Stack ( split from Odroid Go ) ^^^ a bit more interesting. (EDIT: as a target platform for a PICO8 port...)
  11. torpor

    The World's Most Powerful Pocket-Sized PC

    My GPD Pocket says Hi. Also, fuck off, the GPD Pocket is still the reigning Queen of pocket computing. Nothing comes close to how crappy its keyboard is. But YET! I still get a shit-tonne of work done on it when I'm off for a shifty at the theatre .. ta dah!
  12. torpor

    Help me pick a new device.

    GPD Pocket.
  13. torpor

    GPD Pocket

    Cool .. I'm doing this on mine as we speak .. sure is a fun device .. ;)
  14. torpor

    GPD Pocket

    I leave my Pocket in, charging, overnight, then use it for 5 - 6 hours during the day .. I haven't noticed may problems with charging/using cycles, but I've done the BIOS update and I use the ubuntu respin, which I think has power management thingies in it.. but I have had the experience where...
  15. torpor

    Release Stunt Car Remake

    ptitSeb for President!
  16. torpor

    Release Friking Shark

    ptitSeb, you continue to titillate!
  17. torpor

    Planet Computers : Gemini - Psion Returns

    Meh. GPD Pocket still holds my #1 position for pocketable linux computing ... the Gemini just seems like a never ending hassle of outdated kernels and poor software support at this point. I don't see how they're going to get enough traction to warrant continual updates to the software - at...
  18. torpor

    WTB Pandora

    I have an original First Batch Pandora (Serial #45) that I would consider - PM me your offer. (I'm in Vienna, Austria.)