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    GP2X Gph Cvs?

    So far GPH hasn't fully embraced the F/OSS business model by not providing a CVS server and a person/people to submit patches to. If they were to make this move, then the community effort to build better firmware that is currently in orbit around Open2X could shift to focusing on the official...
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    GP2X [rant] Why Isn't Gph Embracing The Dev Community?

    Why isn't GPH totally embracing the dev community? You'd think with them being so pro Linux that they would set up CVS/Subversion servers containing their latest source code and set up a system similar to the Linux kernel project where people can submit patches that might make it into the next...
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    Video Player Weirdness After Firmware Upgrade

    Yesterday I bought a PSU and tried to update the firmware on my GP2X. I downloaded the 1.1.0 firmware, formatted my flash card to be FAT32 following the instructions on the wiki, copied the kernel .img file to the root, popped it in and rebooted. I didn't see the firmware updated splash...
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    Tv-out Cable Disappointment

    I just received my TV-out cable today and I'm quite disappointed in it. You see, the cable has a male S-video connector (video) and two female RCA connectors (audio). This configuration makes absolutely no sense. My TV has all female connectors: female S-video and female RCA connectors...
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    GP2X Multiplayer Via Cross-over Serial Cable?

    This question is for the hardware hackers out there. I'm thinking about building a crossover serial cable to connect two GP2X's together via the EXT ports for two-player gaming. Do you think it is safe to do direct wiring from one EXT port to the other without using RS232 line level...
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    GP2X Gp2x Assembly Programming

    I've been playing around with writing some assembly language code for the GP2X and I've run into a peculiar problem. I'm using the arm-linux-as assembler to assemble my source into .o files but when I try to link them with .o files created by compiling C source with arm-linux-gcc, I get the...
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    GP2X Voltage Levels On The Ext Uart Lines

    Now that there are people selling connectors that fit the EXT port, does anybody know the voltage levels on the UART lines? The wiki page on the subject doesn't mention it. I'm assuming that we need to use an RS232 line level converter to go from the 3.3V/5.0V levels of most devices to the 12V...
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    GP2X The Linux Usbnet Driver

    I know that it is unlikely that we'll see a "legal" SDIO WiFi solution any time soon so I googled around, remembering some mention about networking over USB via linux a while back. I found this site that talks all about ethernet over USB and all the drivers that have been written for it. After...
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    GP2X Confirmed Sdio?

    Alright, now that people have units, I've got to ask if there is SDIO support in the SD drivers? Since GPH hasn't released their source yet, I image that it is possible that SDIO is supported in the firmware as a binary kernel module that will not be released in source form. Nobody has...
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    Anybody Get Their 2x To Connect To Linux?

    Has anybody been able to get Linux to connect to their 2X, mount it as a drive and copy files to/from the SD?
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    Best Os For Gp2x Development?

    Personally I use a combination of Mac OSX and Linux to do my GP2X development although there are many developers who use Windows and are kept awake at night wondering if their MingW arm toolchain build will work this time... :P
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    Anybody Heard Anything From Yet?

    I ordered mine from them and I was wondering if anybody has heard anything from them yet.
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    GP2X Ext Port

    I was looking at the u-boot source on the open2x cvs server and noticed that the version from MagicEyes includes support for UARTS (serial ports). We really need to get the version from GPH to figure out which UART the shipped UBoot version supports (if at all). I was wondering if anybody has...
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    GP2X Gph Linux Kernel Source?

    I know about the Open2X project already but I'm wondering if we're going to get the source of the GPH Linux Kernel and more importantly, the source code for the drivers to the various bits of hardware on the 2X. Does anybody know?
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    GP2X U-boot Memcard Support?

    I was skimming the U-Boot README file this morning and noticed he following: It seems that U-Boot has a built-in driver for the Intel ARM MMC units. Since MMC and SD are supposed to be identical electrically, I wonder if this driver will work on the GP2X out of the box?
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    GP2X Squidge: Performance Counters?

    I didn't see anything in the MagicEyes docs about performance counters such as cache hits/misses, branch mispredicts and pipeline flushes. Do you know if the 920/940 are capable of reporting performance statistics like that? It would be *very* useful for optimizing a 3D library. :ph34r:
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    GP2X 1gb Sd Card For Only $40 From Circuit City

    Here is the link. It costs $80 but there are $40 worth of mail-in rebates making it only $40 in the end.
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    GP2X Vincent Opengl Es 1.1 Implementation

    I just stumbled on Vincent and I think it is going to be a better candidate for a 3D library on the GP2X. It is actually trying to be standards compliant and it is being optimized for the ARM architecture. If you offload sound, AI, input, I/O to the 940 and then dedicate the 920 to graphics...
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    GP2X Publishing Your Game?

    I know most of you guys are homebrew people who give your games away for free, but have you given any thought to how you would publish a game for the GP2X? Let's say you managed to develop a game that was pretty professional looking and fun to play. I figure there are three options for you if...