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  1. Skop

    Diverse Fragen

    Hallo, ich bin gestern auf den GP2X aufmerksam geworden und mein Geek-Trieb hat mich seitdem nicht mehr schlafen lassen ;). Allerdings gibt es das gewaltige Problem das 130€ (in der Basisvariante) bzw. dann eben nochmehr für den F200, für mich ne riesen Stange Geld ist. Das größte Problem dabei...
  2. Skop

    Hello, Just A Catch Up, But Whats Going On?

    I used to be a regular poster in these forums a long while back but got side-tracked when my USB's broke, never being able to download new content on my old-skool non-lit GP32. Having newly browsed the forums recently for the past few weeks and checking the FAQ and gp32x guide NTK (need to...
  3. Skop

    Chrimbo Present

    My Brother is gonna order a modded X-Box from, and was looking at the spec's etc. Is just buying the modded X-Box without upgrading the HDD size (to say, 120gigs) a wise move? My brother is just keen on *edited due to extremegamer*, and is not interested in the other...
  4. Skop

    Shareware/the Hives/ Encryption?

    No matter what audio file I try to download from kazaalite++ that belongs to The Hives I get the same silent/buzz sound. Has The Hives chosen to encypt (for lack of a more accurate word) their new album? Especially the single 'walk idiot walk? Basically, has anyone else had the same problem...
  5. Skop

    Kingdom Of Loathing!

    I suggest everybody sign on to Kingdom Of Loathing! I'm Skop (predictably), and i've heard Rico is a member too. Let's get this GP32 KoL clan up and running!
  6. Skop

    Futher Newbie Suggestions...

    How about, When a user creates a username, he/she cannot post a thread for 1/2 weeks. Thus forcing them to lurk and not to jump right into things. Good idea?
  7. Skop

    Lol Files Addition

    I nominate 'In this thread' thread in the Off-topic discussion to be LOL'd. :D
  8. Skop

    Quote Of The Week

    "They Set Up Us The Revolution - Now We Have Set Up It Them Back". :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
  9. Skop

    Signiture Pictures,

    Why can't you use a picture on your hard-drive as a signature? "C:MyDocuments/pictures etc.." Why if you want to use a picture you need to link it to a webpage, for image hosting? Can this feature be added, or is there a technical difficulty that makes it impossible?
  10. Skop


    I have Issue 1 of Retro Gamer! Mint condition, unread. A site will be placed on ebay shortly. Any advise on what the starting bid should be?
  11. Skop

    What Yours?

    I'm looking for a free ;) music player on the PC. I used QCD Player for a long time but am just wondering if anybody has recommendations. oops, must be compatible for a windows 98. My computer sucks...
  12. Skop

    Iain M Banks

    Has anyone read Iain M banks's 'Culture' books? They're science-fiction and fantastic. Probably, they're my favourite books I've ever read. Totally imaginative and mind-bending. I recommend them entirely.
  13. Skop

    Gp32's All Gone

    Well, that's it guys, all gp32's are now sold out from . Is this a good thing because they're getting popular demand is high or a bad thing because now people with have to wait and buy the new model?
  14. Skop

    When Did A Game First...

    My moment was when I saw Mario 64 round a mate's house (back when N64's cost £250). Completely staggering. He made me wash my hands first before I could hold the controller, mind. I bought one soon after and sold all my precious snes games for the first game I could find, Extreme G <_< . I'd...
  15. Skop

    Cool Ideas And Other...

    In 'Cool ideas and other wishes' there are four pinned posts with the same topic 'Ports need source code'. How about rounding it up into one, saving space. You do need to get the message through, but still....
  16. Skop

    Street Fighter Turbo

    hey guys, What's your recommended button setup for Super Street Fighter II Turbo on Opensnes9x? I can't seem to get it just right <_< :( Opinions/Fact wanted :lol:
  17. Skop


    well, as the topic description suggests. It's been near a month now, and wondering has any word on entries been murmered? We've all speculated, but there should be at least some offical entries by now right? Or maybe some have been announced and have passed me by.....
  18. Skop

    Gp32 Gatherin', Of Sorts.

    I seem to remember talk of a gp32 meet up somewhere in england that people were willing to particapate in, and axman claiming he had photos the last one. Has this fizzled out or is it still happening? but more to the point, where are those goddamn pictures?!?
  19. Skop

    Opensnes9x Question

    is there a button to switch button-configurations on opensnes9x? On the old one it just used to be 'select'. when i press select on this version i get the whole emulation options!!!
  20. Skop

    Er, This Is A Bit Of A Long Shot But....

    um, well, i'm a bit un-sure, and i wouldn't want to but anyone out n'all... :unsure: ...well here's the deal. :blink: Um, i got my gp32 on christmas day, and well, haven't been able to download any things onto it though unresponsive usb's. Two - long - months have passed. so i was lieing...