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  1. Fishbong

    Bluetooth Cannot Be Enabled

    Hello, i just got my Pandora today, and was trying to tether it to my Phone. I went to Settings-> Bluetooth and was told there were no Bluetooth adapters present. Okay, i thought, i forgot to switch Bluetooth on first. So i looked around a bit and found the "Toggle Bluetooth Status" Button under...
  2. Fishbong

    Bluetooth lässt sich nicht aktivieren

    Hallo; ich habe meine Pandora heute erhalten, und als ich das tethering mit meinem Handy ausprobieren wollte, ist es mir nicht gelungen, Bluetooth auf der Pandora zu aktivieren. Ich ging auf auf Settings->Bluetooth und es wurde mir "No Bluetooth adapters present" angezeigt. Alles klar, dachte...
  3. Fishbong

    Playing Video From Shared Folders

    One of the things i've been looking forward for most is the ability to connect the Pandora to my TV and play movies from network shares. As it looks like i'm not receiving my Pandora for a couple of months, i'd like to ask if anyone has already tried that and what the results are. I've been...
  4. Fishbong

    Was ED uns wohl mitbringt? Wilde Spekulationen hier rein!

    Bald wird EvilDragon wieder aus Großbritannien zurückkehren und sicher auch einige der begehrten Handhelds mitbringen, die uns bisher versagt blieben! Aber glaubt ihr, es wird einen nennsenswerte Anzahl sein? Bisher hört man von offizieller Seite ja nur von den Zahlen, die an Craigs Kunden...
  5. Fishbong

    Evildragon's Cebit Speech Now With English Subtitles

    Hi, apologies if this isn't News Zone material, but i thought you'd be interested in a translation of ED's CeBit speech on open handhelds, so here you go.
  6. Fishbong

    Brace For Impact!

    Ok. the Wiz is now officially featured in their last newsletter, thus increasing the demand for Wizs at least tenfold. Other than having to wait for our Wizs until the Pandora 2 is released, what effects will this have on this forum? Edit...
  7. Fishbong


    Hallo, ich wollte nur fragen, ob Vorbesteller dür Pandora auch wieder einen Lolli erhalten, so wie damals beim GP2X First Edition. Wenn ja, hätte ich gerne einen mit Apfelgeschmack und Kaugummi in der Mitte. Meiner Meinung nach sind es Kleinigkeiten wie diese, die ein Produkt erst richtig...
  8. Fishbong


    Ist es gesundheitlich bedenklich, Kaugummis zu verschlucken? In meinem Fall handelt es sich um ein "Orbit" der amerikanischen Firma Wrigrey's.
  9. Fishbong

    Usb File Transfer And Usb Networking

    Not having dug out my GP2X for quite a while, i wanted to check out some new stuff today, but my cardreader is 300km to the north right now and i don´t have any device which will let me write on SD cards. So i grabbed the good old USB cable and Started the USB mode, but my PC didn´t recognize...
  10. Fishbong

    Image Macros

    Lately, we have been seeing an increasing amount of image macros posted here, not only in the "other stuff" section, but everywhere on the forum. For those of you who don't know, an image macro is an image with text in it, usually with a humorous effect. Examples can be found in this, this and...
  11. Fishbong

    Firefox Tabs Constantly Reloading

    So for a couple of days now, my firefox ( has shown an annoying habit: Whenever i am browsing in multiple tabs and i change the tab i'm viewing, Firefox instantly relods the selected tab. That sucks, as for the next few days, i'm on a 1000kb/s connection, and my laptop is rather slow...
  12. Fishbong

    Looking For A Passme 2 Or Comparable.

    Hey, i wanted to flash my new used DS using WiFime, but it failed as the DS seems to be too new. So now i´m looking for a Passme or any other comparable device that lets me run nds code from the GBA slot. It seems like those Passmes aren´t sold anymore. Could one of you sell me their old...
  13. Fishbong

    Wlan Router Recommendations

    So i´m moving into a shared flat with some of my friends in a month or so. We´re going to get cable internet and still need a Wlan router. In the past, i have often experienced that if a couple of PCs are connected to a modem through a router and one of them is running some P2P client, the...
  14. Fishbong

    Good Non-online Multiplayer Pc Games

    Hey, Could any of you recommend me some multiplayer games that can be played on the same PC (Splitscreen or anything, i don´t care) with a couple of other gamers? Freeware would be a bonus Thanks in advance!
  15. Fishbong

    Microatx Mainboard In An Atx Case?

    Hello, i´m planning to build a new PC. I want to have a mainboard with a nForce 630a chipset, and i got interested in the ASROCK SoAM2 ALiveNF7G. It got very decent reviews and is rather cheap. It has all the features i need, BUT it is in microATX form factor. So the question is, can i install...
  16. Fishbong

    Garage Door Art!

    Allright, i have some garage doors to paint. Three of 'em, actually. Now they shouldn't just be in one color, like every boring garage everywhere, but "artistic". Now i thought some retro/colorful/minimalistic theme would be cool, and already bought some colors. I have lots of orange and deep...
  17. Fishbong

    S-video To Rgb - Possible?

    You don´t need to read the italic text to understand the problem OK, so i have this little casemodding going on at the moment. The idea is to add a little PSone 5" screen to my PC. I wanted to solder some wires from the S-video TV- out of my PC directly to the circuit board of the screen. I t...
  18. Fishbong

    So You Thought Playing The Wii Makes You Look Ridiculous?

    OK. So someone decided that the Wii´s controls are too exhausting for us gamers and solved the problem by providing the possibilty to wear the wiimote on our head, thus giving us the opportunity to use our hands for, well... other things :ph34r: . I always thought that people who feared to...
  19. Fishbong

    Steelsound 3h Headset

    I bought a Steelsound 3H headset yesterday. When i plugged it into my computer i noticed a clearly audible constant hiss. It starts after Windows has booted and is very annoying. Yes, i have made sure that my microphone input is deactivated, the drivers of my Soundblaster Live! 5.1 Digital are...
  20. Fishbong

    Can You Please Verify Somthing?

    Hi, I just started playing Zelda TP and i got to the twilight world, where i had all those rectangles floating up in the air which i hadn´t seen on any screenshot. Thought this might be a graphical glitch, i remembered hearing something about glitches on the Wii with rectangles on the screen...