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  1. iignotus

    Wtb: Nintendo Ds (lite) Flash Cart And Passme

    I'll consider any offer for any (working lol) flash cart and/or passme card for the Nintendo DS. It's a DS lite I want it for, so if it's one of those lite-form-factor ones, that's fine. Please post here and I'll PM you if I like your offer. Thanks!
  2. iignotus

    Battery Life On Gp2x

    Hello all, I've finally gotten around to doing what I've been meaning to do for some time now. I've performed a somewhat formal test on the (my) gp2x's battery life. The test was performed with 2x Energizer 2500mAh AA NiMH Batteries. They closely resemble these: They were freshly charged on...
  3. iignotus

    Beat2x High Scores Thread

    I'm officially addicted to Beat2x, so I decided to post a thread with a high score I just got. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good. My combo started on the first arrow and went all the way until 2 before the last one (I got overconfident :( ). This is the DDR-Mix-5 level 5 song, one of my...
  4. iignotus

    First Revolution Game Pictures

    Red Steel by Ubisoft Paris. Joystiq has the article link: Looks pretty good. I love the controller interaction.
  5. iignotus

    Nintendo Revolution Specs Have Been Released

    This is news to me: In all honesty it's a souped-up Gamecube. I don't know if that's good or bad at this point in the game, though I do know it will allow for the Revolution to be priced much cheaper. Here's hoping that Nintendo pulls through...
  6. iignotus

    Looking To Buy A Used Graphics Card

    I need an old graphics card. If you have a junker that's just laying around, please consider getting rid of it. Anything PCI by nVidia; I'll consider ATI if the deal's good, but it still has to be PCI. I'm looking for at least 64mb, willing to pay up to $25 shipped. Card options don't matter, it...
  7. iignotus

    Gngeo2x Rom Compatibility

    I just downloaded a new set of neogeo roms (that I own already, of course :D ). I suppose they would be known-working or else the set would not be so popular. My problem is that most of the roms have terrible graphical glitches that make the game totally unplayable. Games such as Neo Turf...
  8. iignotus

    Gamecube For Sale

    Hello all. I'm selling my Nintendo Gamecube. I simply don't use it that often. It works perfectly. The link to the item is on eBay. All important details are there. Thank you very much for checking it out! Click here for the eBay item. Once again, thanks :)
  9. iignotus

    Castelvania Sotn On Gp2xpsx

    This is a full (~540mb) rip of C:SOTN running on GP2XPSXv0.34c It runs just about as well as zottd says it does, around 3-4 fps with no overclocking, but if you just had to see proof of it running, here it is. It doesn't hurt either that this is one of the most classic dialogues in gaming...
  10. iignotus

    Snes Emu Troubles

    I can't get the snes alpha emulator working for my gp2x (yes, I finally got it :D pictures will be up on my site very soon). I put the emulator in /emu/snes/ and the rom as /emu/snes/top.smc . Sometimes the screen just blanks out indefinitely and freezes, sometimes the screen blanks out and...
  11. iignotus

    Gp2x Developer Releases

    What is the current situation on release for programs by local developers who have the hardware? Since many of us are supposedly getting our units this week, is there going to be a file archive up soon like the one for the GP32? Have there been any programs/games/etcetera released as of yet...