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    I Want Your Old Ds For My Gp2x

    So I have my first edition GP2X here, perfect screen, no problems with the headphone socket or anything else and 4x 2500mAh rechargeables. Boxed with all manuals. Should be a few months left on the GBAX warranty, I'll update this post with details on that soon. I would like to swap it for a...
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    Pc Diy Help

    Well, after the BargainBassment shenanigans I have decided (almost) to build my own PC. I have around £700 to do so. I'm having some difficulty choosing the parts here but not the parts you'd expect. What I have in my shopping basket so far is:
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    Gp32xtreme Sports

    Anyone else here do any sort of exteremified sportations? It would be cool to see some of your videos of pictures if you have any. As for myself, I am a sidewalk surfer and I have little in the way of videos. Here is one I do have though. Half Cab Casper Flip b/s 180 kickflip I'll put move of...
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    Pc Spec. Question

    I am going to be buying a PC almost if not exactly the same as this for a grand total of £475. To me, this seems like a spunk-tacular deal. What I'm wondering is if any person who has more knowledge in computer hardware can spot...
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    Gp32 Blu (not +) 2 128mb Smcs, All Boxed

    Just seeing if anyone wants to throw any offers out here for it. GP32 BLU 166mhz 2x 128mb smc cards Power adaptor Any firmware you want flashed Card Reader Everything boxed with instructions. As said in the topic description I would describe this unit as being in poor condition. Botched glass...
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    Xlink Kai Evolution Vii

    If anyone wants to play some Xbox games online post in here. XLink seems to be a bit empty.
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    Fast Downloads For Bor Mods

    Gamikaze is now hosting Mods of Rage so now you can download all the demos and complete mods at mach 10 ... well ...compared to the 2kb/s rate that Mods of Rage used to have. Also you can get the Doom PWADs on Gamikaze as well plus up to date emulator related news for all systems. [/advertisement]
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    Yafl Problem ...

    I'm using Aqua's latest multifw and am booting straight to YAFL. Whenever I replace the config with this one here the names of the sections dissappear in the menu and even though I can select them the .fxe's don't appear in them. Is something wrong with my .cfg? I took the .cfg off my smc...
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    Just reminding people that this irc channel is free for everybody to use, you don't have to be a developer or "well-known" in the scene to use it. If you have any questions you need a quick answer or want to discuss gp32 related news etc (doesn't always have to be gp32 related) then join the...
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    geforce fx 5200 PCI problems

    Ok I upgraded my PC from tnt2 to a geforce fx but in counter strike my fps drop to 40 in large areas when my tnt2 didnt. I just dont understand !!!. Its the same with Return to castle wolfenstein, even when set to the lowest settings it gets unplayable when there is a large open area. I have a...
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    All For Princess Patch

    I downloaded the AFP patch from here but when I extracted I got a CRC error, is there anywhere I can download the correct file or fix this one?