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    missing screenshots in repo/pnd manager

    Lately I have been browsing the repo page and the pnd manager and I have seen that many apps lack preview screenshots. In my opinion no screenshots equals less interest in people (like me) to try an app (specially if it's a game). How about if we help a little and use the snapsnap app. Not sure...
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    How to open with a different program

    This is a very newbie question and I already asked before with no much help from the community (please pardon my existance). I want to open all my movies with smplayer2. When I choose "open file with" and then "use a custom command" I don't know which executable file points to smplayer2 (inside...
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    Firefox recommended add-ons on Pandora

    What Firefox add-ons do you reccommend (or you mostly use) for the handheld (Pandora compatible add-ons only). Here are mine (pretty basic ones): *No squint - full zoom or text only zoom app. *Omnibar - merge the url bar and the google bar into  one single bar *X-Notifier-mail
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    qemu, file opening and firmware upgrade newbie questions

    I have this 3 (silly) questions. I know all of them belong to different topics but still, if someone can help me I would appreciate a lot. 1. How do I create a qemu image (.img or qcow2 )from an iso. and/or from a Dos freeware game. can I create these on the pandora or it has to be done on a...
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    Wireless Printing with Pandora?

    Xfce Desktop has a printer settings but I don't know if (wireless) printing is actually possible in the Pandora or how to set it up, also the Angstrom repo seems to have an HPlip package.. Hope someone have an idea on this.
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    best audio/video settings for mplayer2?

    I have been testing mplayer2  on my 1ghz model for the last couple of days and in my opinion is the best around. I have been testing with some ripped hd (720p only) videos in .avi and .mkv while changing some settings on the preferences menu but I either get acceptable audio/video sync but...
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    missing pnds on repo

    Just to ask why some pds that are avaliable to download on openhandhelds page or apps.pandora page (such as Remmina and qbitorrent I think) are not avaliable on the repo page? Are these obsolete apps or something? I just saw Evildragon youtube video about remote desktop administration using...
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    Pandora user review section/link

    I think it would be a good idea to include on the Pandora main web page or in the boards web page  a "owner's reviews" link. Most if not all manufacturer/retailer webpages (think HP, Sony,Amazon,anything else,etc) have their own owner/user reviews section. Usually before I buy anything I take...
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    Additional "official" Pandora wallpapers

    Hi, I have been with my 1ghz Pandy for a little while and it's great (I thought on selling it because needed money and didn't use it that much, anyway I decided to keep it). I have seen that on XFCE desktop there are only 2 background choices (a black one and a blue one). Are there any other...
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    Any usenet manager on repo?

    just want to know if there is a pnd that handles nzb files for download. thanks
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    best way to clean pandora lcd screen?

    I know this question might be silly to some but I'm not sure what is the best way to do it while avoiding scratching or spoling the screen in any way. wet cleaning? dry cleaning? alcohol? water? can I use my t-shirt to clean it?. my pandora has some very small dried water spills and some finger...
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    pointer doesn't move on xfce desktop

    After my pandora crashed while playing on panmame the mouse pointer is doesn't respond to the nub movements.I have already restarted the device 2 times with no success.hope someone can give me a solution without having to reflash. thanks
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    (SOLD) 1Ghz Pandora for sale+extras -S. America

    I'm selling my 1ghz pandora to anyone interested inside the American continent and maybe worldwide depending on location. It will be shipped from Colombia, South America. I'm selling it mainly because I need the money and I am not using it as much as I would like. (bought it 2 months ago from...
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    Ralink usb wifi driver on future firmware release please.

    Hi all, I wanted to ask mainly Evildragon if could be possible to add usb-wifi ralink driver support when a new firware release comes out. I was able to use my usb wifi adapter (thanks to linux-swat) by simply downloading the file from ralink website (in my case the RT2870.bin) and moving it to...
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    Ralink usb wifi support ever?

    Just need to ask if there is a possiblity of adding support on Ralink usb wifi adapters such as RT2800 and/or RT2870. I already know most Realtek adapters work out of the box (I have one) but still it would be great adding greater external usb-wifi compatibility. Hope anyone is interested in...
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    Panmame games that work

    Hi all, I have seen there is no official Panmame emu game-list .I thought It would be nice if community members tell what games have worked well on their pandora and are worth trying. (please no SNK/Neo-geo; CPS1; old Mame4all games here). Here is my list: -Alligator Hunt -Asterix...
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    32gb micro sd card question

    Hi all, I just bought 2 Patriot 32gb class 10 for the pandora. The thing is one came full size but the other one came as a micro sd card (with adapter obviously). Will I ran any type of issue (compatibility,performance, etc) with the micro sd card on the pandora? I haven't opened it so I still...
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    Why No Pandora on Amazon/Ebay?

    The title is very obvious. Would't be better (for Evildragon and Craig) to sell Pandora Consoles through Amazon/Ebay?. (I'm not implying the current way of selling is bad). Using Amazon/Ebay would get some advantages such as: -Many more people (potential customers) will know about the...
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    A full language translator/dictionary on pandora would be possible?

    Wouldn't be great if the Pandora could have or be used as full dictionary/translator? I have had an electronic chinese-english dictionary/translator for years and I love it. I think is Arm based. I can write the chinese characters on the screen and it recognizes them very well (see youtube link...
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    1Ghz Pandora owners buy-delivery dates

    Hi, just wanted to ask 1Ghz pandora owners how much time passed between their date of purchase and their shipping confirmation e-mail. This might help in giving people an idea of how much time to wait for newly bought pandoras. Thanks