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  1. yaustar

    Tempted To Get A Dingoo

    Thinking about getting a Dingoo considering they are relatively inexpensive and the form factor is quite nice. Is it worth getting one now is there something better on the horizon?
  2. yaustar

    Old Retro Game Magazines For Sale

    I have a bunch of old Retro Gamer Magazines that I am getting rid of as I need some space.. I have the following: Volume 1: Issue 6-12 including DVDs Volume 2: Issue 1-6 including DVDs New Look: Issue 19-56 Also have: Oliver Frey Calendar and A2 double sided poster, ZZap! 64: The DEF-Tribute...
  3. yaustar

    Selling My Pandora

    First batch, brought from GBAX in UK. Has not yet developed a fault and therefore has not been returned to GBAX/OP for repairs. If you are buying from overseas, please bear this in mind. Selling it due to it not being used as much as I thought I would. Has the battery case, Astonishia Story...
  4. yaustar

    Settuping A Cross Compiler For Windows

    Been out of the loop for a while and I have just got my Pandora.. Does anyone have any links/tutorials in what is needed to setup a development environment? Do we have anything like SDL ready?
  5. yaustar

    Anyone Know Where I Can Preorder A Sfiv Joystick In Uk? Anyone know? Cheers.
  6. yaustar

    Does Anyone Personally Know Someone At Redspotgames

    I am having no luck at all when contacting them via email. I have been sent a game that I asked to be cancelled and therefore I haven't paid for it. I am in a bit of a dilemma of what to do about it :/.
  7. yaustar

    Arcade Joystick Advice Needed

    I currently have a Street Fighter II Anniversary Stick and now looking to replace the buttons and stick. I am currently looking at getting a Sanwa stick and Happ Competition pushbuttons. Are these a good choice? Will they fit? And is Gremlin Solutions reputable?
  8. yaustar

    Broadband On The Go...

    ... with one of these: Any one know of any drivers for Linux? (And more importantly, will it be likely to work with little modification for the P&|A?) :) Random OT note: I just read an article that Pandora was the codename for a...
  9. yaustar

    Gp2x Codeblocks Sdk Rc6

    Updated due to Code::Blocks releasing their latest stable version of the IDE. Sendspace: GP2X file archive:,0,0,0,14,2295
  10. yaustar

    Pandora's Rival: The Gizmondo

    From MCV magazine: Gizmondo will rival DS and PSP, says new team... no, honestly. "We can compete with DS and PSP. An open platform offers something new." Ian Murphy, Plextek "Little is known about the new iteration, but Plextek technical director Ian Murphy told MCV it would be a fully open...
  11. yaustar

    Developer Bored: Pitch Me Game Idea

    I have been meaning to get back into Homebrew development for a while and with the soon to be released Craig2x, it seems to be decent time to do so. However, my game design skills are pretty poor so I am looking for a designer to work with me. My requirements: - Small game, development time 2-3...
  12. yaustar

    Pre-configured Codeblocks Sdk Rc5

    This is a complete development environment for GP2X development as a complete preconfigured package as many people are still having trouble setting up the toolchain, IDE, etc from the Wiki. Download: Sendspace: GP2X Archive...
  13. yaustar

    GP2X Gp2x Code::blocks Pre-configuration Rc4

    Hiya all, Requesting some help testing this pre-configuration please (including testing the binaries on GP2x ;) ) especially if you have Vista: Cheers Steven QUOTE ================================================================================ GP2X...
  14. yaustar

    Gp2x Code::blocks Pre-configured Sdk Rc2

    Download: Gp2x archive:,0,0,0,14,2295 I will get this to the GP2X file archive as soon as I can, for the moment it is downloadable from sendspace. Major props to Pickle for testing this out and ironing a few...
  15. yaustar

    GP2X Gp2x Code::blocks Sdk Rc1

    Download: Updated with the fixed template. Updated to Rc2 with updated gdb 6.6 Feedback, mistake etc here, I would like to make sure it is ready for prime time before I upload to the GP2X file archive and announce in news. Cheers. Reademe.txt CODE...
  16. yaustar

    GP2X [video] Implmenting A Memory Pool In C++

    Here is a video of me implementing a memory pool class in C++ with some basic voice over as I am programming. Bare in mind that this is not a tutorial, just a recording. It is also the first time that I have done anything like this so it is full of long pauses and silences as I am trying to work...
  17. yaustar

    Rlyeh's Minimal Sdk V0.c Open For Public?

    I can't seem to find a download link for it anywhere, the latest I have found is 0.B preview.
  18. yaustar

    Request: Tutorial For Setting Up Open2x On Windows (cygwin)

    Request: Tutorial for setting up Open2x on Windows (Cygwin) If you could also put it on the wiki, it be reallly appreicated :) Cheers
  19. yaustar

    Good Quality Battery Charger?

    Currently looking for a decent quality battery charger that is easily obtainable in the UK. Preferably one that is 'intelligent' rather then timer based? Any recommendations? Cheers Edit: Is this okay?
  20. yaustar

    Cannot Access Private Web Server From Wan

    I have just physically moved my web server from my parents house to my new flat and I can't access it outside of the local network. I have checked that the port is forwarded correctly on the router (and did a few tests) and also the .htacess file but I still end up with the following error when...