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  1. yaustar

    This Forum Seems So...

    Hi Rico! Haven't seen you for ages! :P Yeah, I joined during the GP32 boom and stayed with the GP2X but now that I am working, I just don't have the time to tinker any more :(
  2. yaustar

    Selling My Pandora

    For us in the UK, it jumped from £200 to £280 which was a surprise :S.
  3. yaustar

    Selling My Pandora

    Wow. I never realised that the Pandora went up in price since I brought mine.. No wonder the recent Pandora's on eBay have been selling for so much, I assumed it still was at £200.
  4. yaustar

    Dingoo Mods

    The bar top arcade mod is interesting now that iCade is coming out soon :P
  5. yaustar

    Tempted To Get A Dingoo

    Thinking about getting a Dingoo considering they are relatively inexpensive and the form factor is quite nice. Is it worth getting one now is there something better on the horizon?
  6. yaustar

    Selling My Pandora

    Ah cool, I take it everything arrived okay?
  7. yaustar

    Selling My Pandora

    It has all of these:
  8. yaustar

    Selling My Pandora

  9. yaustar

    Selling My Pandora

    Let's just say, this my first time trying to run an auction in a forum and I screwed up in so many ways :P Basically, sometime around midnight and when there is one person left bidding :).
  10. yaustar

    Old Retro Game Magazines For Sale

    New look 19-56 sold.
  11. yaustar

    Selling My Pandora

    So far, a couple of people have expressed interest via PM but no hard numbers so feel completely free to make a bid/offer to me via this thread or PM. Cheers
  12. yaustar

    Old Retro Game Magazines For Sale

    I have a bunch of old Retro Gamer Magazines that I am getting rid of as I need some space.. I have the following: Volume 1: Issue 6-12 including DVDs Volume 2: Issue 1-6 including DVDs New Look: Issue 19-56 Also have: Oliver Frey Calendar and A2 double sided poster, ZZap! 64: The DEF-Tribute...
  13. yaustar

    Selling My Pandora

    Hmm.. Paypal option added The UK only option was only because it costs a freaking bomb for insured overseas delivery :( and as it is a first batch Pandora but not developed a fault yet, I didn't feel comfortable to sell it to someone overseas only for it develop one and needing to incur the...
  14. yaustar

    Selling My Pandora

  15. yaustar

    How Are You Feeling About The Pandora Today?

    Haven't used it nearly as much as I thought I would which is surprising considering how much I was using my GP32 and GP2X in the 'old' days. Currently selling mine on the marketplace.
  16. yaustar

    Selling My Pandora

    First batch, brought from GBAX in UK. Has not yet developed a fault and therefore has not been returned to GBAX/OP for repairs. If you are buying from overseas, please bear this in mind. Selling it due to it not being used as much as I thought I would. Has the battery case, Astonishia Story...
  17. yaustar

    Settuping A Cross Compiler For Windows

    Been out of the loop for a while and I have just got my Pandora.. Does anyone have any links/tutorials in what is needed to setup a development environment? Do we have anything like SDL ready?
  18. yaustar

    Multiplatform plugin system for C++?

    Do the plugins have to be in binary form?
  19. yaustar

    Pandora Cube

    "If it can do" HD output.
  20. yaustar


    How does the MMO part work?