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    First post here and first request :) Could you add a little section for multi language and general talking ? (french,dutch,spanish,german,italian ....) I really interested by a french part because there's nothing today which really support Pando in french. PS: pour les français qui me lisent...
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    Crazy Jack Port Test

    Hi here, I've started this port from gp32 to gp2x a very long time ago but never give it for a public test. Today it's corrected, I dont have GPH firmware, only OPEN2X but normaly it will work on GPH FW. There're always some small bug here and here and I need to work on it again :) If someone...
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    Dunny's Xrick Port Addon

    (very) small beta update by JyCet CODE -recompilation with open2x prebuilt lib (the best lib package) -reduce CPU speed from 200MHz to 66Mhz (edit xrick.ini to change it) -apply RAM tweak (edit xrick.ini to change it) -apply gamma correction (edit xrick.ini to change it) -change icon by...
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    Alex The Allegator 4 Launcher

    I wanted to play with this very good game: Alex the Allegator 4 Unfortunately allegro always gave me black screen, so I've coded a very very small launcher with SDL HW initialisation to launch alex4_gp2x.gpe file. It work for me, if you have black screen (like me) test with this launcher...
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    Tvout Resolution With Open2x Prebuilt Lib

    Hi all! I didnt find any place to report my pb with open2x lib use, so I post here I hope Open2x team will read it ;) I've added on option in one program to choose differente resolution in TV mode: -option 1 (original): TVout resolution 720*576 (for pal mode detection) TVout resolution...
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    Sdl_gfx & Circlecolor(...);

    Hi all, I've updated all my lib with the last Prebuilt library packages for my devkit. The speed are boosted around 15% to 20%, it's fantastic ! But it dont resolve my program crash when I test to use circleColor(...); of sdl_gfx library I've included SDL_gfx lib in my makefile Added header...
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    Mmuhack For Homebrew

    Ok I'm starting another thread about the famous Squidge's mmuhack module :D Normaly if it's good for emulators it should be good for homebrew ? But why no homebrew use it ? I'm using HW paeryn SDL lib with lot of HW surface in all my gp2x program, I'm successfuly loaded mmuhack module (i...
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    Need Capex Skin For Gpl Distribution

    Hi, I need a new skin for Capex to put it under GPL license and give source code with all gfx. There's no bpp limit . You can change the background, the title and the selector for this new skin. For the background you dont need to put some shadow under all windows because capex create the...
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    GP2X Open2x Compatibility

    Hi, This thread is most for all Open2X contributors/developpers I've looked your compatibility list here: Some program doesnt work and other work on the both firmware. In my opinion Open2X is a very good alternative to the gph...
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    Search Level Designer For A Very Small Game

    Hi all I search someone who enjoye to create some (many many many ... :D ) levels for a very small game ! It's an evoluted version of my crappy participation ( GLOUTON ) available here: What can you win ? Hummm ... sorry ... nothing ... or only your...
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    Tv-out Enable Detection

    Hi all, I've read from this board that to have a good tv-out scaling we need to change the screen surface resolution with SDL. Now I search how to detect if the tv out is activate or not to initalize a correct size surface CODE unsigned short *gp2x_memregs...
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    Play Module From Memory With Mikmod

    Hi all, I've "played" a little with mikmod library to play a module from the SD ... and now with the solution of Notaz it work !! :D ( ) But now I suspect mikmod kill my frame skip due to many SD access, to check that i've search a long time...
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    Complete Rage2x.dat Information

    Hi all, For the next release of rage2x I would like to have a completed roms list in rage2x.dat, it's for me a big job to check every roms information to internet, so that's why I'm asking gp2x community to share/correct and complete these neogeo roms set informations. Du to the size list it's...
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    Play Module With Mikmod.h

    Hi all, Now I test how work mikmod library without SDL_mixer (I really dislike this lib) Here the test code #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <SDL/SDL.h> #include <mikmod.h> MODULE *module; int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {...
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    Sdl Double Buffer Without Sdl_flip()

    Hi all, Does someone know how to use double buffer with SDL but WITHOUT sdl_flip() ? Because SDL_flip() use lcd refresh and with the lcd setting on each GP2X you can have 45fps to 85fps :huh: I want to use double buffer to have the most stable display. Thnak in advance.
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    Shag V0.2

    Hi , Today I found an old game on my harddrive :) It's an evolution of my crappy gp32 game here:,0,0,0,30,511 :D Today I've just disable cheat code, all news/change have one year :ph34r: SHAG (SHoot AGain) Original game presented at CRAP COMPO...
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    I'm very busy but today I've updated and decided to release ENEXFI - a little graphical sd explorer - in its last version 0.4.7 :) copy/past of quick_help.txt: ENEXFI v0.4.7 What it is: A little graphical sd explorer (and little file manager). Supported functions: -explore a full sd (no...
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    How To Check Free Mem Available

    Me again :) Someone know how to check the free RAM memory available under gp2x ? Thanks again ! Edit: I just see some interesting thing with /proc/self/statm :)
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    How Check Sd Inserted Or Not

    Hi all, Does someone know under linux how to check if a sd is inserted or not ? Thanks :)
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    Hi all, This ENEXFI release is only to detect and fix any bug if exist (I'm sure yes :P ) A little explanation! What it is: A little graphical sd explorer (and little file manager). Supported functions: -explore a full sd (no size limit) -explore full nand (if unlocked because it's dangerous)...