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    Stream Games Live From Pc - Pandora? ^ saw somebody playing crysis on his EEEpc or whatever you call it as it was streamed from his main PC. Seems pretty decent, though you would need to fiddle around with your own pc and not have direct access through the pandora i...
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    How Hard Is It To Make A Game If I Have Never Programmed?

    I've never programmed anything before, at least not with code. But what code does the Pandora actually read anyway? i suppose its C or C++ stuff? I did start reading about java programming once but i got lost fairly easy and just gave up.. as much as i would like to be able to program games i...
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    Click & Play / Games Factory Etc.. Games Made With These Possible

    I might aswell ask, im not sure if games made in these programs work in linux or not but i know they work in windows which is no good for this. I remember reading a while ago that there was a converter being made for TGF games & GP32 but i never heard of anything becoming of it. Any chance of...
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    When Could I Get One?

    When can i get my hands on a :pandora1: if i wanted to order one in say a month? of course that is if i can order one then. Did the first batch go in a matter of hours/days?
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    How Long Can The Specs Stay Competitive?

    I know the Pandora isnt meant to be competitive with whatever handheld Sony or Nintendo bring out next, but at a guess its probably not more than a year from now until we see new ones. Do people feel a little sad knowing there are no commercial games for Pandora? I might get one for my...
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    Arnold Schwarzenigger!

    good morning i have a good video edit for arnold ear you go :D B)
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    Anyone Know What This Music From? Waf :) :) gp32_console
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    Ps3 Fan Video :)!!

    well this best video ever :) should get popcorn to watch :D
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    Anyone Think This Is A Good Product?

    Hi everybody, (shouting in background) hi dr nick. was wondering what anyone thought of this air conditioner waf..;productid=2 :D it is a tad expensive but it seems to be a good heater aswell so good for winter and summer wag.. is it any...
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    Fondle How Got Pained

    how to sometimes get pain in left testicle wag.. was fondling if can get because fapping too much? that most pepperoni if possibled well thanks for answered!! :) !!!!!
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    Irq Conflict?

    could an irq conflict cause fps lag in games?. i just checked device manager and my video card is IRQ 05, and i checked others and seen that the Texas instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller also has an IRQ of 05, is that sharing? and is it a conflict?, if so how do i fix it? i...
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    Framerate Dips In Games

    i have a 6800gt, a 2ghz amd cpu, 2gb of ram. I noticed lately playing hl2 dm that i am watching sometimes and my framerate drops down as low as 30-40! ive also noticed slight jerkiness after going smoothly.. cant say ive noticed this before, but do i have a problem here or am i looking at the...
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    Need Help With Quake For Psp.

    Just got the demo version onto my PSP, i tried putting on the full version but it wouldnt work and my psp just crashed lol.. no idea why, maybe doesnt support the full version yet?. anyway, i have the one with the adhoc-infrastructure mode.. i dont understand it though, because when i enable...
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    Psp To Tv Adapter?

    i was looking at these and the blaze one seems pretty good. i seen the wipeout video and it looks quite good. i dont know the size of the screen they tested on but it didnt look pixelated. if i got it would my dead pixels show up on screen aswell? and would they be enlarged or shown the same...
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    Should I Pre-order A Ps3 Now?

    Thinking of pre-ordering a PS3 soon, and i found a site where to do that already ;) after a bit of searching around.. you can preorder them here but i looked at the Xbox 360 bundle price and it seems a bit steep no?.. i sort of used that to estimate if the price would be good on PS3.. then...
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    Ati's R580 Chip

    anyone know if i will be able to run this card? look here there is just one thing im confused with, on my PSU.. it is an enermax 600W.. it has dual 12V rails, yet.. for this card to run, it says that "ATi has revealed that Radeon X1900 XTX will require at least...
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    A Pickle With My Psp.

    Just thought id ask for advice here. The problem is that i have some dead pixels on my psp, some in the left bottom corner and one or two towards the middle. Obviously they are so small it is hard to notice them usually, i only notice them when the screen is dark. I was thinking of getting a...
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    Google's Birthday!

    Let's have a big happy b'day thread just for our best friend, google!. I have used this search engine for years, and back then many people said it sucked. Now everyone knows which is the best :D
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    Best Video Ever

    the fag has left the building :D
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    Wab Team Is Dead, God Damnit

    well the inevitable of fagness has happened, check out their website