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  1. Foxgod

    Game frontend such as attract mode

    Hola Pandonians, How possible would it be to have a nice frontend like attract mode for the pandora: Theres a linux version with source. I would love to be able to index all games on my pandora into a frontend with screenshots, and launch them from that...
  2. Foxgod

    Wine wrapped games on Pyra

    Hola Pyranhas, Out of pure curiousity... There are lots of good indie games out there such as Hydorah and La Mulana that dont have Linux versions. Do you think the Pyra could handle those wrapped in WINE?                                 
  3. Foxgod

    Screen ratio Pyra, 16:9 or 16:10

    Hi ED, or anyone else who might know. has the screen ratio already been determined? I believe it will be 5 inch, but will the screen be wide screen like the pandora, or will it be 16:10 or another ratio? Personally i think that 16:10 would lead to better scaling with games. But would it even...
  4. Foxgod

    Chainfire3d plugins?

    Hey Guys,   I am trying to install the plugins for chainfire3d, but i cant seem to figure out where to place them, chainfire doesnt find them. I have three plugins, in three separate zips, i tried to put them anywhere, but no luck. Where should i place it to make it work, and does it have to...
  5. Foxgod

    Syncing data from pandora to PC?

    Hola guys, Currently when i backup the data on my sd cards to my pc, i copy the contend of both the sd cards to the pc. However i find this a bit tedious, and i dont think its good for the lifetime of the SD cards either. is there a way to sync data between the pandora and the PC, so that...
  6. Foxgod

    A hot key for the switch gui app?

    Hey guys, Would it be possible to create a hotkey, or button combination to launch the switch gui app from anywhere? I would like to use this feature to cycle between gui's quickly.
  7. Foxgod

    Unhide icons in minimenu?

    I accidentaly hid an application and now it only shows up in All. Is there any way to unhide an application so that it shows up in other tabs again?
  8. Foxgod

    Stretch video in Panplayer?

    I have a couple of video's that stutter in VLC, so i decided to play them in Panplayer instead. In panplayer these videos run perfect without stuttering, however the video's are in 4:3 and display black borders on the side. Is there any way to stretch 4:3 to 16:9 in panplayer? I was unable...
  9. Foxgod

    The Orbit bij WORP3, the 32bit MSX computer!

    Hey Guys, check this out, its a piece of hardware i am looking to get: I am a fan of the MSX home computer, and own an MSX2 8245, what do you guys think?
  10. Foxgod

    Pandora 2, Android OS and minumenu.

    Hey guys, Personally i really like minimenu the most, and was hoping that if the Panda 2 will have Android as the main OS, if it could still feature the minumenu as an integrated UI? I would miss minimenu a lot if it would be left out on the Panda2, would such a feature be possible in...
  11. Foxgod

    Is it possble to play vertical games horizontally in Android?

    As said in the title, i have a couple of games, such as kairosoft games, that play in vertical mode. However i want to play them in horizontal mode, is there a way to force games to display in horizontal?
  12. Foxgod

    Neko Project II (PC-98) fullscreen on launch.

    Hola guys, Whenever i start Neko Project it always starts in a window, instead of fullscreen, i however prefer the fullscreen option. Is there a way to force Neko project to start fullscreen? Currently the app does not seem to remember the fullscreen setting on next launch, forcing me to...
  13. Foxgod

    Plz if possible retrieve order #198 from UPS (LCD screen)

    I decided that i want to send my panda in for repairs, after taking a peek inside, i rather not tinker with it,the panda had an accident involving a flying remote, while the panda was flipped open :( that was the last time il let an important device sit in a corner. I send you an email about...
  14. Foxgod

    1ghz unit, close lid options, pandora doesnt go into low power mode.

    Hi guys. I got my 1ghz unit, with the superzaxxon final firmware. When i select the low power option in the close lid option, the pandora doesnt go into low power mode after closing the lid. Not a big deal as i can do it manually using the power button, but just wanted to let you guys know.
  15. Foxgod

    Foxgod's Pandora experience

    Hey Guys, Today i received my 1ghz Pandora, and i decided to make a topic where i post stuff about my experiences with it. So Far the unit itself is awesome, not a scratch, crack or any other problems found, paint job is great. Tested several aspects of the hardware such as sound...
  16. Foxgod

    New type of Nand being mass produced by samsung: This may give a new perspective on whether we should go for an internal SD card, or Nand. This new type of Nand created by Samsung reaches read speeds of 140 MB per second, and 50 MB per second writing speed. If SD cards cannot match this speed by the...
  17. Foxgod

    Which time frame do you prefer for the Pandora 2

    As we know, rumors are that Craig might want to start with the Pandora 2 in 2013, and have it powered by an ArmV7 A15 with adres extension in order to support more then 4 GB of RAM. However, other rumors currently state that in 2014 the ARMV8 may come out, if it turns out next year that the...
  18. Foxgod

    Recommended class speed Pandora and SD cards?

    Hey Guys, With the first 1ghz units being send out this week, i will finally have my first Pandora soon. So its time for me to look for a suitable SD card. I have noticed that the Class 10 cards are a lot cheaper then the Class 16 cards. However, If the Pandora only reads up to Class 10...
  19. Foxgod

    Is OSX trough qemu possible?

    I am asking this because OSX got an Iphone emulator on board, it comes with the IOS development kit i believe. While i dont expect this to run great on the current pandora, i am rather curious what the possibilities are. If sometimes in the future we can actually have OSX running wel on...
  20. Foxgod

    Now that theres an Alpha test version out of 0.A.D, what are.. The chances of getting this on the pandora? Its minimum requirments is a 1ghz processor on Windows, with 256 MB RAM. Theres a linux version, chances are the requirements are lower on linux, and with the 1ghz unit around the corner, this game might just run...