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  1. Askarus

    Does the Pandora support video in?

    Does the Pandora's TV-out cable support video in? I know there are dedicated cabled for audio in but none for video in. I want to backup some old tapes and have composite output which I need to record.
  2. Askarus

    Can I savely recycle the PCB of an old power bank?

    I need a little help with some electronics. Question - short version: Will it work if I disassemble an old power bank and use the PCB to add new cells and build a custom power bank? The cells will have the same voltage but probably come in different numbers and have different Ah values compared...
  3. Askarus

    0 A.D. needs help. Anyone willing to contribute?

    Hello dear developers, I am in contact with the 0ad ( team at the moment as I'm working on a mod for that game. They need help with basically anything at the moment. Their "how to contribute" webpage is designed in a way that does not attract people but frightens them away...
  4. Askarus

    [Pre-Gamescom reveal] A vision became reality

    Hello everyone, it's finally time to reveal my latest creation. I planned to show it during the Gamescom but as it's all digitally now I'll show it here for you. This time it's that innocent looking little thing... Guess what is at its heart... Guess what it's second...
  5. Askarus

    No Gamescom for Pyra this year

    The German government prohibited all major/big events until August 30. Gamescom will be digital only. An official statement hat not been made but a tweet. So no meeting with...
  6. Askarus

    Dungeon Defenders Awakening - Kickstarter

    Anyone remembers the original Dungeon Defenders? I liked it a lot. Even played the old Android Version on the Pandora I think (not running very well) They start anew and do a Kickstarter for an Unreal 4 rework/enhancement of the first game. It's the first project I've ever backed :) Maybe...
  7. Askarus

    An other CPU discussion. Rockchip RK3399 sounds good

    I'm curious to hear your opinion about the Rockchip RK3399. Rockchip now has open source SOCs and officially support Linux and support it. There is a lot information here The RK3399 will be in a lot of Single board computers like the Rockpro64, OrangePi 64 and Ordoid N1. It's dualcore A72 and...
  8. Askarus

    Your requests for Pyra videos

    Hello everyone. finally it's the day for me to ask this question: What Pyra videos do you want to see? This and maybe next week I have time to visit EvilDragon and make some Pyra Videos. I need to go there as he has the video equipment and I have nothing than my phone. I want to show: - Web...
  9. Askarus

    Tiny speed comparison. Pyra vs Raspberry Pi3 vs core2duo vs i7

    Some of you mightlike to compare the Pyra with other devices. Here is a compile speed test. I did not change any settings. Simply qmake and make. I'm working on a Qt application for University. Here is how it compiles on my devices. The competitors: RasPi: Raspberry Pi 3 Pyra: Pyra clocked at...
  10. Askarus

    Signal released a stand alone Desktop Client. What do you think about it? Will it run on the Pyra?

    In case you are interested: Some days ago the stand alone Signal Desktop client was released: So we now have an other alternative to Telegram supporting that feature. I would prefer Signal over Telegram as it's more secure and open source...
  11. Askarus

    Pyra Omni-Settings

    In case you wonder what if I'm doing anything useful with my Prototyp. Unfortunately I still can't do the fancy and important work others do. So I've used my semester holidays to learn a little about Linux and GTK programming. I made a simple settings menu for all the Pyra specific stuff that's...
  12. Askarus

    Pyra in the wild - the real life experience

    Ok, I'll waste some time to report my Pyra experiences for you. And to feel important with hopefully lots of likes and responses :p University has started again and my holidays ended. I've been playing around with the Pyra a little but because of a bad keymat not as much as I've planned to do...
  13. Askarus

    First ever Askarus newspost ;)

    Here's the first Askarus Newspost coming ;) (This was meant as a response so impatient waiters on an official news post but became to long, so I decided to open a new thread) It's for those of you who know me for years now and wonder what I'm doing. It's for anyone who is disappointed because...
  14. Askarus

    Finally found Pyra thanks to Nintendo

    I finally found Pyra. Thanks to my new Nintendo Switch. You want to see where? Here she is.
  15. Askarus

    Finally. 1TB SD-Cards are coming

    1TB SD-Card announced by SanDisk:
  16. Askarus

    Linux Boot SSD not recognized any more.

    Some might already know I (again) messed up my Linux SSD. Does anyone know a quick fix for my problem? The BIOS doesn't recognize my SSD any more a boot device. I have a Windows SSD as well but as long as the broken Linux SSD is in the computer I can't even enter the Boot menu manually. Without...
  17. Askarus

    Avatar is forced to fill the full width

    Look at my Avatar. You cut off Soren's head. In the good old times it was scaled to full height and had black borders on both sides to fill the square. Now it forces full width instead of height. I simply could re-size it but until now I was too lazy... Just wanted to let you know in case it's...
  18. Askarus

    MJ Ubuntu Tablet campaign has started

    UPDATE: Now here's the real campaign: And it's only 200000$. Not 2.5 Million any more. Will order now :) The MJ Ubuntu Tablet fundraiser has launched: Looks nice.
  19. Askarus

    Mediatek Helio X20 - Deca Core processor with 3 cluster design

    It seems to be a nice processor. Actually 11 Cores. 2 x A72 (2,2 GHz), 4 x A53(2 GHz), 4 x A53 (1,4 GHz) + 1 x M4. If it doesn't fail in the end I might prefer this one over an Intel one. Could be a nice Pyra processor. We can't let the CPU discussion dying ;). Here some Links...
  20. Askarus

    Want a VPN and need some advice

    Hello everyone, I finally want to get a VPN. Could you please help me with some Questions: 1: Which one. I've done some research. Privateinternetaccess has the best price I've come across and seem to be pretty good. AirVPN is more expensive but I've read some opinions in the Internet that they...