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    Usa Preorderers, Where Do You Live?

    Hah, no. I do work for a game company though :)
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    Usa Preorderers, Where Do You Live?

    Redmond, WA (outside seattle)
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    I Want To Compare The Pandora Video Card With A Pc Video Card

    Depends if you are fragment bound or vertex bound (or cpu bound). Most old skool games didn't have very much per-pixel cost so frame buffer size isn't a big difference. Many games these days are fragment bound.
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    Pandora Sdl 1.3, Glu And Nehe Opengl Tutorials For The Pandora

    Okay, I'm not crazy then :) I'll just stick to ogles 2.0.
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    Pandora Sdl 1.3, Glu And Nehe Opengl Tutorials For The Pandora

    I'm looking at SDL 1.3 trying to figure out how to do scaling/rotation of sprites. Is it only available if using the GL interface? I don't see this ability in surface or texture interfaces.
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    The Road To Hd...

    You can go HDMI -> DVI-D without problem using only a cable. The only sticky point is HDCP. Only a few TVs support HDCP over DVI. Mine does, and this is how I've got my PS3 hooked up. I'm pretty sure the HDCP part is optional.
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    No Posts About The New "psp Go" ?

    My thumb hurts just looking at it. Will be fun to see how they handle the leak in the press conference.
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    Pandora Sdl 1.3, Glu And Nehe Opengl Tutorials For The Pandora

    Very cool. Is there a changelist somewhere for 1.2->1.3? I'm failing to find anything.
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    Pandora As A Pda

    Offline functionality for Google stuff assumes we'll have a working Google Gears. I know on my N810 there was kinda one but it's old and doesn't work with anything anymore.
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    We Need Moblin On Pandora.

    I downloaded and tried the livecd on my macbook. Great UI. It's very slick. I see no reason why this wouldn't work great for pandora. Hopefully we can steal the UI.
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    I''m Off To Gdc:09!

    Things haven't started yet.
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    I''m Off To Gdc:09!

    I'll be there :ph34r:
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    Screenshots Of My Future Pandora Space Exploration Game

    Very cool. Best of luck with this.
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    Does The Psp Have Any Games?

    The ones I worked on ;)
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    Reordering Update

    The xoom thing sounded good... but... Sending 293.51 USD Fee $4.99(bank) or $14.99 (CC) Receiving 183.28 Pounds Sterling *Exchange Rate USD 1.00 = GBP 0.6244 *In addition to the transfer fee, Xoom may also generate revenue when it changes your dollars into foreign...
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    Post Here When Your Refund Clears

    I got mine today. I was about to post about how I was pissed the I got double hit with the foreign currency conversion but then I realized that the second one was a refund :) OCT 01 Foreign Curr Conv Fees & Charges –$10.61 OCT 01 Gp Distribution Newcastle Uncategorized –$353.50 DEC 09 Pur...
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    Pandora Desktop Environment Prototype Try 2 (screenshots And Videos)

    Looks good but I'd much prefer the menu to be able to be on the left side of the screen since we have so many horizontal pixels.
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    New Case Design

    Probably too late, but having the lid cut out with opaque plastic and using the LCD's backlight like Apple does would be great :)
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    Avoid Doubles And Longs?

    You can get away with using soft floats most of the time but if you are really crunching numbers you'll need to switch over to fixed point. It's not much fun though if you're numbers are of various ranges... Here's a little fixedpoint lib. edit...