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    Warning: Avoid earbuds with "Apple ControlTalk" feature!

    My Sennheiser earbuds are slightly damaged, so I went shopping for a new pair. The Monster DNA In-Ear Headphones with Apple ControlTalk has good reviews on Amazon. Also, my local Best Buy matches Amazon shipped-and-sold prices, so I got these for $60 USD instead of $99 or $120. Good deal, I...
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    Inform Z6 interpreter

    Gargoyle IF is a very good Inform (Z-Code) text adventure interpreter. However, it has no support for Z-Code version 6 games with graphics such as "Journey". Is there a Frotz fork or other interpreter that can run Z6 games with graphics on the Pandora?
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    Tv-Out + Downgrading

    Which GP2X-F100 has better TV-out support, the GPH official 4.1.0 firmware or the more recent Open2X DR7 release? I'd prefer to use Open2X since it has a much better interface.   Also, can 4.1.0 be downgraded to the official 3.x or 2.x firmware by just following the installation instructions...
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    Playing Downloaded Flash Games

    I downloaded the freely-available SWF files for two popular Flash games.   After connecting the Wiz to my PC over USB, I dropped the two SWF files into the NAND\Flash folder alongside...
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    Want To Buy: Gp2X F100 Main Board

    Accidentally burned out the main board on my GP2X F100. Looking for replacement board.
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    Want to Buy: GP2X F100 main board

    Accidentally burned out the main board on my GP2X F100. Looking for replacement board.
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    Wiz R.i.p. - Battery Confirmed Dead

    My GP2X Wiz only powers on with the USB charging cable attached. I took the battery to a local Batteries Plus shop, who confirmed that the battery's voltage is zero. :(   This is unfortunate. The Wiz has been my favorite handheld gaming device, period. The GP2X F100/F200 were unreliably powered...
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    Favorite Gp2X Freeware Games Not Ported To Wiz

    I recently picked up a Wiz for $99 @ ThinkGeek. It's everything I want in a handheld: long battery life, highly portable, raw power with stable 700MHz overclock, hardware volume controls, and DPAD/D-button layout that's a perfect fit for my thumbs. The Pandora is more power at greater financial...
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    Os Developers Fund

    In the "Did you preorder?" thread, I mention that the storefront includes an option to give USD$20 in support of the developers who write open source games and emulators for the Pandora. This is an idea that begs to be generalized. Right now, a few of our community devs have PayPal...
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    Don't Avoid!

    I'm very disappointed to be writing this since has been strongly recommended by the GP32X community. Last Friday, I went to to pre-order the Wiz for $187.99. After selecting the item and entering my order information, I submitted the order and got an address...
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    Gp2x Wiz: Did Gph Goof Again?

    I was planning to buy both a Wiz and Pandora until I looked very carefully at the Wiz promotional pics. That's when I noticed that A/B/X/Y are arranged into a D-Pad. Aaaugh! We wanted a D-Pad for cardinal directions, *not* for action buttons! What if you have to hold X+Y at the same time...
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    Just Curious - Why Bluetooth?

    What are some examples of scenarios that Bluetooth enables on :pandora1: ?
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    Amiga Emulation On The Pandora

    I think that a great opportunity w/ the Pandora - and its slick keyboard - is to port fully-feature UAE for Linux. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not down on UAE4All, but it's optimized for booting ADF files. UAE allows Workbench desktop emulation and supports HDD games patched with WHDLoad...
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    Early Vs Late Adopters

    I will purchase an Open Pandora from among the first batch released for sale. This will be the first time I've ever been an early adopter for any electronic device. Consider: - I bought my first 486 PC (DX2\66) from Gateway around Christmas, 1993. In fact, I got my first and only manual labor...
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    Mp4 Player?

    I'm honestly surprised that searching the boards for "mp4" turning up nothing. :blink: Any FLV players for 2x, then?
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    Midnight 2x

    I've "DosBox-ified" the Mike Singleton classics "Lords of Midnight" and "Doomdark's Revenge". The D-pad correctly maps to compass directions and the various commands are laid out in a logical fashion. The included readme.txt further explains how everything works. Here's a title screen pic...
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    Hey, Please Fix The Damn File Archive Bugs!

    I tried to upload new content - my second submission - and was stopped cold by the stupid "Error - License Not Specified" exception. I searched for the error and performed the recommended contortions - logging out then browsing to "Misc. Apps" and logging in was my favorite :angry: - to no...
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    Stereo Audio Problems

    Since this issues occurs with both the built-in MP3/OGG player and OldPlay, it's likely a hardware problem. With two different sets of headphones, but of which work perfectly with every other device I use, the following audio problems occur while playing stereo MP3s: - R and L reversed; this...
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    Lexar Ii Platinum

    I just purchased a Lexar II Platinum 60x, and the performance is pure crap! My Sandisk 2GB was so much better, and it wasn't advertised at 60x! Has anyone else had experience with this particular brand of Lexar SD card? I'll be getting a refund this weekend. :angry:
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    Oldplay And Directories

    When I navigate to a song via Oldplay's menu interface and press B to play, after the song completes I must manually select the next song. Is there a feature that allows Oldplay to play every song in a folder in sequence without defining a playlist?