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    GP2X Is It Too Late For A Game On Gp2X?

    +1... cool new GP2x game! regards Jamie
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    Who Still Uses Their Gp2x Now That Wiz Is Here?

    Still really enjoy using my GP2x F200 (vice emulator :D)... I'm also thinking of developing a new game on it.
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    Escape From Minos (gp2x, Pc)

    looks very cool! :D i'll take a look soon
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    Mame4all Gp2x 1.6

    good work. Trying it now.
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    Monaco 360 - Retro Racing

    thanks for the feedback chaps... Yeah it's worth checking out if you have the 360... btw my score is 87645 ;) ... The good thing about doing the gp2x version first is it forces you to make the game logic smooth. For this reason with the 360 version I was able to push in loads of new levels...
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    Vice 2.1 Has Been Released

    AWESOME! :D great work again. Works great on my F200 fw 4.0
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    Monaco 360 - Retro Racing

    Hi chaps, hope you are well... Anyway since it all started here with me producing "Monaco GP2x - retro racing" for the GP2x, thought I'd announce that I've just finished and launched the port for the XBOX 360. download at XBOX Marketplace, reviewed at and ...I...
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    Gp2x_nat2008 (gp2x-f200 Only)

    i'm going to check this out later today. It's been a while since i've given my f200 some love :lol: :gp2x
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    So How Did You Guys Learn To Dev & Where?

    ohh. good question. Started for me using Amos Pro on the Amiga. Also 3d Construction Kit with Freescape Command Language FCL. More recently experience within a software house (which is not nice), but thats it.
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    Wizsticks Preview

    Interesting work. I like it.
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    Simple Shoot-em-up Development

    This looks like fantastic work. I'm going to have a good read through once I get some more time on my hands. I've yet to try anything 3d related. My last brush against 3d was in 1991 when I used 3D Construction Kit to build my parents house :D . Anyway I'll have a good look through your...
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    [gp2x] Abduction

    I hear you bro... :) I tend to do bits on mine when I find the time.
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    [gp2x] Abduction

    I just had a blast on this. Yeah very good game... Good blast. My initial observation would be the volume buttons as you mentioned. On my F200 it nearly blew my ear drums out! :lol: . Although you can change it in the menu which is cool. Good stuff.
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    [gp2x] Abduction

    looks good. promise that i'll take a look soon...
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    GP2X Tile Map Editor - Looking For Suggestions

    Kind'a funny, but I was using Windows Notepad at first. It ended up being like the Matrix movie... I could see the game level data spinning around my mind. At that point I knew I needed to bash together my own :D . All interesting stuff. Have fun with your project.
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    Monaco Gp2x V1.0.2b Released

    Hmm interesting. I've not changed any of the game logic in that area. Pretty much a code freeze apart from some AI type stuff. I'll have another play with the new build on my F200. I'm putting into the game multiple routes (aka Outrun, Rad Mobile etc) with varied tile graphics near...
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    Pool Panic

    Love it! awesome... Nice title screen music... I like the high score screen. How you have kind'a overlapped it with the title screen.
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    Pool Panic

    This looks very cool! Promise to check it out soon...