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    GP32 What Can Be Done With The Mmu?

    Partly because of all the talk about the GBA emulator, I've been scouring through the documentation looking at how the MMU stuff works. I have a few questions which hopefully someone can answer. 1)What, precisely, does the BIOS call _swi_mmu_change allow you to do? Does it replace an entry in...
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    GP32 Mersenne Twister

    Hi all, I haven't been around for a while since a hard drive crash killed all my source code. To get back into things, I thought I would try out the Mersenne Twister random number generator, which I came accross a couple of days ago and Rico mentioned today. Anyway, using the code off...
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    pinball dreams

    Pinball Dreams... Repeatedly press the start key after you last ball goes down, and you get another ball. Can do it as many times as you like. Don't know if you can get a high score this way, since I reset before I had the chance to mess my tables up. Most pointless cheat ever. Wow, I got a...
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    Power adaptor

    I thought I would need a 3v negative DC adaptor for my GP32 which is arriving on Monday. Looking at one of the links for newbies, it says that they don't all work though. What exact specifications does the power adaptor need, and what type of plug does it take? Planning to get one tomorrow.