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  1. dgame

    Sales DragonBox Shop Not Responding to Ticket?

    I submitted a Ticket on August 30, 2020 and have not received a response from the DragonBox Shop. How long do they take to respond? Thanks
  2. dgame

    Does Pyra use the Same Hinge as Pandora?

    Hi, Does the Pyra use exactly the same hinge axle as the Pandora? Are they the same part? Does it only lock open at 180 degrees? Thanks
  3. dgame

    Change my Repo Username?

    Hi, Today I created an account on but with the username dgane which should have been dgame like on here. How do I get this dgane account renamed to dgame or removed so I can make a new one? Thanks
  4. dgame

    Pandora Audacious 3.7.1. PND Request

    Audacious Version 3.2.4 is in the repo Would appreciate an updated PND: Current stable release: 3.7.1 (December 28, 2015) source code: Thanks!
  5. dgame

    Pyra's Hinge?

    Hi EvilDragon, What is the status of Pyra's hinge? Any progress on a suitable solution? Thanks!
  6. dgame

    USB Wireless AC (802.11ac) Support?

    Hi, Does the Pandora (SZ 1.73u1) support any USB Wireless WiFi 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n LAN Internet Network Adapters? I am looking to get one with the Realtek RTL8811 chipset. Thanks!
  7. dgame

    USA Nub Replacment?

    Is there anyone who can remove and replace the nubs on my Pandora in the USA? I don't see the nubs for sale at I have three Pandoras and my 1 GHz has a bad left nub. So I would be willing to sacrifice a CC unit for its nubs. I would want both CC nubs...
  8. dgame

    Screen Bezel Screw Size?

    What size are the screen bezel screws? Any good looking alternatives? Thanks!
  9. dgame

    Should Pyra have a Camera?

    I do not want a camera on a handheld computer. Vote. Discuss.
  10. dgame

    That feeling when you find out your missing favorite childhood toy is now rare and expensive.

    I used to have this Game and Watch type thing that played like Simon in one mode and it also had this repeat game. It was orange. It was fun to play. That’s all I remembered. I got it as a kindergartener and by the time I could fully read all of the markings had worn off. The sad thing is I had...
  11. dgame

    Remote Desktop / Citrix thread ( split from Help Shlee right his slides...)

    Remote Desktop with Remmina      "Fast and functional VNC/RDP/XDMCP client with scaling and several other handy features.",0,0,0,112,99
  12. dgame

    Is the Pandora the best there is?

    Just thinking about how the Pandora pretty much does everything I have ever wanted from a pocket computer. I have three Pandoras and would buy another one if it were exactly the same but with upgraded specs. I got the GCW Zero SE and haven’t really been motivated to use it because my Pandora...
  13. dgame

    MAME4droid Reloaded v1.4.1 has Touchscreen Support!

    Tried the MAME4droid Reloaded v1.4.1 (based on MAME 139) with the Android Gingerbread_r6.PND and the Touchmaster (and other touchscreen/lightgun) games finally work with the Pandora's touchscreen! As far as I know this is the only way to play MAME games with a working touchscreen controller on...
  14. dgame

    .../bin/ld: cannot find -lXinerama compiling MAME 149

    armv7l-unknown-linux-gnueabi/bin/ld: cannot find -lXinerama Trying to compile [sDL]MAME 149 with Code::Blocks with C/C++/Py/Perl/Fortran/Ruby Development Tool using the Command Line Interface.
  15. dgame

    How to get Flash 11 working in Firefox 21

    Firefox 21 in the repo defaults to Flash 9.0. Flash is also included but the default Firefox 21 configuration causes Flash 11 to be ignored. If you get the big play button on Flash content then you are probably using Flash 9. Flash 11 is much better and supports full screen playback...
  16. dgame

    How to show verbose text at boot up?

    How do I turn off the splash screen so that the Pandora has no splash screen like during the first boot after a fresh re-flash? I want to see all the text messages during boot up. Thanks.
  17. dgame

    Audacious does Not Play After Pause Fix

    Short Version: The Problem: Audacious does not resume play after pause is used. The Possible Fix (run from terminal with WiFi enabled and connected to Internet):  sudo opkg install
  18. dgame

    Best Tomb Raider 1 on Pandora?

    Which version of the original Tomb Raider plays the best on the Pandora and what emulator to use? Thanks
  19. dgame


    Please correct the "emulatators" typo on the new home page. Thanks.
  20. dgame

    Thank you Askarus and EvilDragon

    This is a very special thank you to Askarus and EvilDragon. I received my 1GHz Pandora back from you in Germany. I sent it in for left nub replacement and Askarus also replaced the cracked parts of the black case. I had put the 1Ghz board into my black First Batch (CC) Pandora case as I...