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    The Telcolou Disappearance

    I doubt it was the military, from what i could gather he was a fifty year old pot head who hated the man. My guess would be that he re-registered with a different name and posts regularly. edit: he has posted here in the last month so maybe he just hates us...
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    I don't claim moral superiority, i'm simply saying that it is one thing too download songs for a period of time, recognize that this is not a great thing too do and stop when you have the means. It is another thing too say that you are entitled too download all the music you want for free and...
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    How is obtaining something you could otherwise pay for through illegal means a "redistribution of wealth"? Progressive taxation would impose higher taxes on the rich and ease up on the poor... it wouldn't allow those with lower income too take things for free. Your justifications for your...
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    I would recommend a membership too Napster, listen too all the music you want on your computer for free and then buy the tracks that you really really like as high quality drm free mp3 files. If even paying for the percentage of tracks you really want too keep is too much you could try one of...
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    Do We Know Any Details On Second Batch?

    Where did you find that out? I hope thats not true because $330 really had me at my limit and $400 is a psychological no go.
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    Xbox Handheld?

    :lol: omg i get it cuz theyl like too make moeny and stuff, if only they charged $2000 for $1200 computers like apple... capitalist pigs :angry:
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    Gph: The Wiz - Official Announcement

    Really? GPH bought your opinion with a $200 handheld... The point is we don't want the early adopters too get screwed over, i'm sure there will be significant performance increases but I would be interested in actual facts before ordering... would it have been that difficult to send a unit too...
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    Gph: The Wiz - Official Announcement

    I would think testing things like SquidgeSnes would be a great use of time, I wouldn't want to pre-order something advertised as being more powerful than the gp2x without having evidence of this power. Most people who buy a Wiz are going to get one to run emulators on it so statistics on...
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    New Wiz Forum?

    The Pandora's development has been more transparent than most any other device, we have seen videos of a fully built prototype, we have seen major media write about it, there are details on parts, prices, shipping etc. It has been all but guaranteed that it will ship before December. As far as...
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    The Soulja Boy Appreciation Thread.

    Soulja Boy vs. Ice T is the most hilarious fight ever. That little retard confused him with Ice Cube and wasted five minutes throwing out insults that didn't apply. It's too bad i would feel stupid being the only white guy at a concert because the Nas/Talib Kweli/Jay Electronica tour sounds...
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    Used Jxd 301 For Sale

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    Used Jxd 301 For Sale

    if this person is not ip banned then the mods are useless.
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    Introducing The New Pandora Curve (tm).

    Oh, I thought it was a bunch of $1000 boards... did only the one get bent?
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    Yeah, how exactly is an Asian made item not an import for US users and a British made item is? Most gp2x's were/are sold to the Uk and Europe as Craigix was/is the main distributor
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    A Question For Craigix

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    A New Handheld To Add To Your Collections...

    Please check you spelling before posting.---What makes this device any different from the other Sega clone handhelds like this This has about as much chance of becoming a collectors item as those knockoff nes's they sell online.
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    What Music Is Everyone Into?

    Classic Rock (Beatles, The Who etc.), Reggae (Steel Pulse, 10 ft. Ganja Plant etc.), Rap (Nas, Tribe Called Quest, Wu tang etc.---not soula boy/flo :huh: rida) and Ska (Bosstones, Catch 22 etc.)