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    C/C++ Development tools v2

    Okay, fine with me. I'll try and fix gpodder, and maybe some other python stuff. Re: cdevtools, I'll stay out of your way, let you implement your own ideas.  I'm currently being a heretic, and playing around with cross-compilation, rather than on-device compilation.
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    C/C++ Development tools v2

    Hi, I've added you as a maintainer for the original cdevtools.  You can upload your version there, or I'll disable my version (I don't mind which). I'm glad you were able to find useful things from the original version.  I don't maintain it anymore (instead, I just play Xbox, waaay too much). ...
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    Radio Tray

    okie doke.  Should work with SZ 1.60 now.
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    Radio Tray

    Hi, This PND is currently broke with SZ 1.60 (due to Python upgrade). I'll try and fix it.
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    Release Ghouls and Ghosts remix

    Sorry to be "that guy", but are you sure you're okay to distribute this? From the licencing doc: IMPORTANT LICENSE NOTICE: -> The code of this game its developed under GNU/GPL. -> All the graphics and sound are copyright by capcom, you can play this game only if you have    the following...
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    I think you'll struggle to find a binary version.  It's hard to find packages from other distributions that are compatible with SZ.  Angstrom doesn't provide that feed anymore, and even when it did, LXDE had been removed from it.
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    Release Switch GUI: Openbox

    That's doable. I haven't got around to installing openbox after upgrading to SZ 1.55, but I'll give a proper answer when I do. For now though, you could add "/usr/bin/configbutton &" to autostart, and choose the CPU/TV-out options from the panel, like in XFCE.
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    Release Switch GUI: Openbox

    Hmmm ... maybe you have a corrupt / incomplete PND. After selecting "Install Openbox", you should get a dialog box asking for your password, then a bunch a stuff will appear in a console window as it installs the different bits. 
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    Release Switch GUI: Openbox

    I've thought about it, but never gone through with it, mostly because I don't need the nand space for anything, and it's good to have a backup GUI. It depends how confident you are with opkg. Most xfce stuff will be tied into top-level meta-packages, so you'd need to use --force-depends a...
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    Release Switch GUI: Openbox

    I need to update this, to fix some of these problems.  I've been doing lots of overtime at work a lately, but I should get a chance next week. The Pandora key doesn't toggle the menu because, to do so, I'd have to modify the source of Openbox itself.  I'm not a programmer, so it's not normally...
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    Release Switch GUI: Openbox

    Go for it, mate.  It can do no harm.  You don't need to be an 'advanced user' or anything like that. Re: the codec pack - it's true that if the PND is on a SD card, the 'system' menu in Openbox won't output correctly.  However, once you've used the Codec Pack PND to install the codecs, you...
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    I messed up Mousepad.

    Ooops. That PND is one of mine. It contains the same version of mousepad as what is now in the OS. If you open mousepad, and do Help -> About, and it show the version as 0.3.0, then you've already got the latest version. If not, and it says 0.2, then you're better off installing the official...
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    Support Thread for Openbox GUI

    Hello, This thread was intended specifically for supporting Openbox as part of the firmware - as found in the .next image. If you're trying it with SuperZaxxon via the PND, it would be better if you posted to the other thread (please). Anyways, to answer your questions: No. Assuming you're...
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    Compile help

    The equals sign is understood by newer versions of libtool only (it means "sysroot"). You can usually fix it by building a new version of libtool, instead of using the one that comes with what you're trying to compile. To do this, grab a fresh copy of the code, if there's a "" or a...
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    The Guy Behind Most of the Shooters on Pandora

    Nice read, but - yeah - you should also credit mcobit (he did rRootage).
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    XFCE and panel auto-hide / NanoEmacs / xev

    Hi, Glad to see you're enjoying your new device. If you want to maximise your screen space, you might want to give Openbox a try. This also lets you write rules for how each application will launch, so you can write one for the terminal so that it always launches 'fullscreen' (i.e. maximized...
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    Release Switch GUI: Openbox

    Yep. The PND includes 3 'apps' - install, uninstall, and the background setter. "Uninstall Openbox" will be in the System menu.
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    /bin/sh is setuid

    Oooh, that's interesting. For PNDs like cdevtools, it explains why 'configure' scripts ignore LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and so fail because gcc can't find its own libraries. I'd always assumed that /bin/sh linked to bash, not busybox. Most scripts that people write use #!/bin/bash directly, so don't...
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    Network music player

    If your NAS has a DLNA server on it, you could use plum
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    .next alpha image

    It's failing to shutdown more often than not for me too. Maybe it's just something in this latest image, because it never happened to me before. For now, I've disabled zram. You can do this by commenting out the entry in /etc/modules-load.d/openpandora.conf. It's probably best to do this...