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    Nubs disabled?

    Hi all, yesterday i wanted to try a new emulator, and while it was booting, smthg went wrong, had to restart and now it seems that both my nubs are disabled?? please help, i use them all the time for browsing, selecting, opening stuff,.. thanks in advance! stiino0
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    PCSX REARMED problem with SD cards

    Hello, Just got my Pandora today and was working on getting all PSX files that i ripped into the correct format (which is .bin I assume? :) ) Anyways, let me explain my situation with my SD cards. I have 1 Lexar Pro SDHC class 10 16GB card (normally I will use this to install android...
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    Basic pack pandora?

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to ask, since my pandora will be arriving today... If there is some kind of basic/standard pack that can get me started easily? Could include things like guides, emulators, some roms,... Maybe this is the wrong subforum, sorry! Thanks in advance. Stiino0
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    Best usage of SD cards

    Hi all, I am going to buy a Pandora soon (1 week) and was wondering what is the "best" setup for using Android on 1 card and the other one (right one) for using all other emulators etc.? I don't think that I will be needing 4+GB for android, but does the speed/classes matter for gaining better...