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    Hey, After much thoughts about it, I decided to cancel my Pandora I ordered in Oct 2009, so I guess I was around 3500+ which means another 2-3 months waiting And I just don't think I want to wait that long I wish you all the best
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    The Definative Must Have Playstation Games Thread

    Parasite Eve 1/2 RPG
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    How Many Devices Do You Carry At A Time?

    1 : Nokia E 71 that's it...
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    My Pandora Preview

    thanks a lot for sharing :)
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    Mathematical Analysis Software - Pandora.

    You know... I still have my 48SX with a 32KB card Best thing in the world...I'd love to have an emulator, but nothing will beat the real machine, hours spent doing maths, and playing Babale, pheonix, ejaculator... *cry*
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    What Should The Pandora App Store Be Named?

    Make a poll I vote for Pandora's box too
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    What Are The First Few Things You're Gonna Do With/download On You

    I guess I'll try picodrive too... Also wanna install OpenOffice and SNES PSX with FF7 will be on pretty quick ;)
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    Asked Pandora; For A French

    Salut Je suis pas sur pour lemulation et probablement il faudra attendre de voir la bete et comment les developpeurs vont la dompter... J'ai un EEE et j'ai bien peur quil soit impossible de comparer les 2 le EEE est un PC, Pandora = console (Pour ce qui est de la puissance du EEE les emus...
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    Asus Eee Pc Emulation

    I writing that using my EEE and I can tell you 1 thing... It rocks... For 300bucks its a damn good yet tiny PC I didnt test emu but Fallout tactics is working...stepmania too...Whhy would I need something else? see you :lol:
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    Just a little word about EEE from Asus I received mine a couple of days ago It rocks As for 3D you can find videos of WoW, CS, W3:FT and other games see you :lol:
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    Counter Strike/counter Strike: Condition Zero

    You can port Q3, sources are available ;) see you :lol:
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    How Much Would You Buy...

    lol... Anyway, thanks for reply :) see you :lol:
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    How Much Would You Buy...

    P4D 940 3.2GHz dual core with Zalman CNPS 9500AT ASUS P5WDG2-WS 2GB PC6400 Crutial tech low timings (4-4-4-15) Sapphire X1900XT with Artic cooling accelero X2 DVD burner NEC dual layer 2x 250GB maxtor with 16MB cache SATA2 in RAID0 Everything in a Li Lian PC-60B with the card reader very low...
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    Status Of Psx4gp2x Work Being Done :)

    Finallt, that time has come... Been waiting for the new PSX thread for soooo long. Keep it up ;) see you :lol:
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    New 2x Owner

    drivers are on the CD basic help can be found in the FAQ Welcome aboard see you :lol:
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    I will then try with ... less-informed poeple... I'm sure I will find some in France ;) see you :lol:
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    Well... I was hoping for more. I barely played with it. (I nearly finished chrono trigger) I forgot to say it can clock @ 280MHz see you :lol:
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    Hi, I'm kind of in dire straits so I'm looking for selling my GP2X It is an MK2 bought less than 1 year ago, always used with a screen protector on it. it comes with a 2GB SanDisk Ultra, the TV out cable, the official case, 3plugs if you want to make you own USB cable, my 1st (and only) attempt...
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    Virginia Uni Shooting - At Least 33 Dead

    You all say that this is a terrible news...Yes it is. but what a wonderful country don't you think? You can buy a gun at 16... YAY You can drive at 16 too. Yet you have to wait to be 21 to drink alcohol. What would you think if guns were prohibed? It would be even more sad no? For a country, to...
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    Psx4gp2x Dynarec Status Update

    I think PSX was already a "full 3D console" (Tekken, Gran Turismo..) N64 added effects such as anti aliasing and filtering see you :lol: