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  1. LWFlouisa

    How rigid is the roguelike genre?

    It seems like in game design, cross-genre is more the norm than it is in fiction. I dabbled in some roguelike development during the 7DRL section, though the second time the map flowed a little weirdly, and I use numbers based terminal GUIs for certain functions instead of what one might more...
  2. LWFlouisa

    Coming from a fiction writer context,

    What changes will I need to prepare for when switching to writing narratives for games, instead of novels? I used to write fiction that could more easily adapt into a game, but these days I tend to write a bit more about abstract puzzle solving than pure action. I write very near future, almost...
  3. LWFlouisa

    Pyra Is C++ and Python mainly used?

    I'm more used to developing in Ruby and HTML, although I'm currently working with Shoes GUI. Gitlab currently wiped all my gits I had stored there, so buh bye Terminal Shooter. Although luckily I still have the prototype for Doomed Warrior, another 7DRL I did. I've heard Python is similar to...