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    When Is It Thought To Be Coming Out?

    Can we have a simple answer to a simple question? By current predictions, when can we expect to recieve the 3000 in hand? I know this could theoretically change but it would be nice to have an estimate, because every thread I read seems to be saying different things.
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    Metroid Prime 3

    Anyone else had a go yet? I've played the first mission or so and its pretty good. The controls are amazing.... easily the best I've played on a console. Maybe even more enjoyable than a keyboard and mouse, but that's only because I like sitting back and relaxing whilst playing, rather than...
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    Resident Evil 4 Wii

    Can anyone who has played through this game imagine having to go back and play it with dual-analogue? The controls are so unbelievably good. I love it. Has made one of my favourite games ten times better. Saddens me that all the Wii will get is Umbrella Chronicles, missing out on Resi 5.
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    Video Up-scalers

    Talking about this sort of thing: It says you can play any video game console at a higher resolution on a computer monitor.... Has anyone tried this sort of thing and what are the results like? Cheers
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    The Revival Of The Ps2

    Recently, there have been so many good PS2 titles coming out. FFXII, Okami, Digital Devil Saga 2, God Hand etc. There is no need to have a next-gen console at the moment, especially not a PS3. I just hope that some of the best games ever to grace the platform aren't overlooked because of the...
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    Which Is Better: Pong Or Pacman?

    I think I have finally found something our masters will allow us to discuss.
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    The "i've Got A New Game!" Thread

    Recently got FF3 for the DS. The graphics are pretty sexy, but I can see why it got average reviews for a Final Fantasy. Definitely very oldschool in terms of gameplay, but I guess I was expecting as much. If they went to all the effort of revamping the graphics, they should of at least...
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    Which Gaming Websites Do You Use?

    I used to buy Edge and then GamesTM, but am way too tight to pay for gaming journalism now, so I use websites instead. I used to read Gamestop mostly, but recently discovered the joys of, which is immense for free quality reviews- they gave Okami a 10 :) I also read Joystiq...
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    Free £5 Voucher At Cdwow!

    Go to the link, register or login, check your email, copy the voucher number, follow the link, add goods, proceed to checkout, enter voucher code, press "Go", pay (if necessary). It says £1 but it will be £5. No minimum spend either, and postage is free on most...
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    Ps2 Network Adaptor

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a PS2 network adaptor and was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere in stock and for a reasonable price. Dont fancy ebays stupid prices. Cheers.
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    Pro Evo 6 Is An Xbox 360 Exclusive 9 in 10 people I know who own consoles own a PS2 and they almost solely own one for Pro Evo. This is a massive coup for Microsoft. If this deal lasts untill PES7 then this is a major blow to the PS3s chances in Europe. Even if...
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    Magus On Joystiq!

    Our beloved Magus is becoming a bit of a star it seems......
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    Tales Of Symphonia (gc) + Freeloader

    Due to those idiots at ebay not allowing the sale of boot disks, I am selling this here. NTSC Tales of Symphonia for Gamecube. Used but perfect condition as new. + Freeloader for Gamecube. Allows the playing of import games on PAL Gamecube consoles. Will allow you to play the above game as well...
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    Gp2x + Case + Sd Card

    Hi, I need the money so am selling my GP2X. It is a "first edition". It has no problems and comes boxed. There is one tiny issue. There is one small hair trapped beneath the screen protector at the very top left of the screen. It is not noticeable most of the time, and cannot be seen when...
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    Ps3 = £425 Without A Game Who's gonna pay that much for a console without a game and then buy games for £50 each? You could almost buy a top of the range gaming PC for that price. Looks like it's just a Wii for me this generation. For a while at least.
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    Hardcore Homebrew (hh)?

    I am not pestering for a release or moaning about lack of progress. Also, there could be threads relating to this question somewhere but I can't see them and the search won't accept HH. I havent been keeping ultra up-to-date with all things GP2X recently, but was wondering about the HH project...
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    More Mods

    forgive me, but I think we need more mods on here. and in particular mods who have a GP2X. As far as I can work out only Hando and EvilDragon have/intend to have a GP2X, with Rico sorting out off-topic. But there are loads of mods who never visit/post anymore... I know the ones left are...
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    Gp2x On Joystiq [15/11/05]

    Pretty good write up really. Glad they didnt make wild specuation about hardware issues. Well done Joystiq :)
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    Gp2x Overclocking Again...

    I am still unsure of the current situation concerning overclocking. I remember hearing it said somewhere that the GP2X's first processor is itself underclocked to 200mhz in a similar way to the PSP. Is this true or just hot air? If true, and overclocking can be done in a similar way it will...
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    Overclocking Potential?

    Just wondering when we are likely to know the full information regarding the GP2X's overclocking potentials. Will it be immediately after launch or will it be similar to what happened with the GP32? Has anyone with a dev unit tried to see the max stable speed? Or is this not possible yet for...