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    Bitte löschen

    Falls ein Mod hier vorbeikommen sollte: Thread kann gelösch werden!
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    So today is the day I'm leaving for my gap year travels :D. Off to Singapore for a while, then Australia for a few months, then to New Zealand, then finishing off for a while in L.A. I expect I'll give the forum a quick check if I'm at a PC. See ya towards the end of the year fellers :)...
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    Suspended From Work

    So I woke up this morning after being off work for 4 days ill. I phoned in to get my hours for today and found out that I should have been in 2 minutes ago. I got showered and dressed, missed breakfast and went straight out. I got my first break at 12, and had no money so I grabbed a couple of...
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    First Homebrew Game For The Ds Released

    It takes some seperate home built hardware (around $30 to make) to get homebrew going, but the first ds homebrew game has been released. It should be easy to port from the gp32 once there is some good commercial hardware to allow code to be run too. Tetris :D.
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    The Future Of Video Gaming?

    Just watch and imagine the consoles that will be around in 20 years time. Link
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    Creating Animated Gifs

    I've been happily using unfreez up till now, but it's not really suitable for what I want to do. I took a short video on my camera, then converted that mov to an mpg, then saved that as a jpg image sequence, then converted those to gifs. So now I'm ready to create an animated gif to put onto my...
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    Killed Psp

    Noooooo. I could have had that! Edit: If you can't save the video. Right click and save as in I.E.
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    Smcs Won't Work

    Ok, it's been a lil while since I've had to ask for help with anything, but I'm stuck. I formatted a couple of smcs on my sisters computer (running windows 98). Now they only work on that pc, I can format, scandisk, put files and everything onto the card, but only on that pc. The cards won't...
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    Just wondered if any of you guys have cool tattoos with any stories behind them :). Pics would be cool (nothing sick guys....). Thinking about it, I'm not sure what the average age of people here is atm so I'm not sure if many people will have one :S. I'm getting one on my left pec, not...
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    Rca Y Splitter With A Switch To Select?

    I want the option for an RCA to either go down one or another of a Y splitter, but I can't find any with a switch to give me that kind of option, just go down both. Can anyone help me out pls? I only want this as I'm expecting it'll half the power and so be half as quiet down each path if there...
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    Which Operating System At Boot

    I've just had to format (losing all my music <_<), and now when I boot it asks if I want to start windows 2000 pro or windows 2000 pro :blink:. Any ideas on how I can just get it to boot straight away normally. I only have 1 hd in and 1 big partition.
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    Which Music Player Do You Use?

    Just wondered what music player you guys use most. I've been using winamp for years but recently changed to check out iTunes (which is good but a bit slow on this shit pc). Vote away and remind me which obvious good players I forgot :P.
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    20 Or 22 Awg Kynar Wire

    Anyone know where I can get hold of some? All I can seem to find is 30 A.W.G..
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    Dcfreedev 1.1 Update

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    Ps2 Games

    Was putting all these on ebay, but then after over an hours work putting them all up at the same time, it timed out and I lost it all :angry:. So I thought I'd give you guys the chance to buy em before I stick em on ebay again. What you see is what you get. All in great, basically perfect...
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    Icons Load Slooooowly

    I'm running windows 98 se with bblean as my shell, but some program icons (doesn't seem to be shortcuts) load slowly as hell and lock up the pc while they are loading. I've recently formated the pc and didn't have this problem at all. I've tried google but nothing. Anyone got any ideas what...
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    What's Your Most Played Game Atm?

    At the moment I can't get enough of ghost busters on frodo. The c64s sound kicks ass! :D What games are you craving on your gp32 at the moment?
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    Anyone Want A Laptop Power Supply?

    The dop (a mutant cross between a dog and a mop) chewed up the connector on the Dell laptop power supply, so it's useless to the laptop. Looks like it would be great for a small mini itx project or something though if you attatch a new connector :). The specs are: Ac adapter Model: PA-1900-05D...
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    Need Some Cash

    I can't work for the next month and a bit (Docs orders), but the plan is to go to Australia after Christmas, so I desperately need to start saving more money. My going with me and earning right now and I don't want him to pull away with loads more money by the time we get there. So my question...
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    Icy Peak.

    Nabbed this news from gp32world. It's an icy tower remake, and pretty addictive :D. I'd go for the version without replays if you're as crap at it as me. You can download it at gp32 world.