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    Gpfce And The Famicom Disk System

    I would like to look at the Famicom Disk System version of Knight Lore but i am having trouble getting it to run. I have put the disksys.rom file in the fceultra folder and I launch the game and get the title screen. After that I get to a menu in Japanese which is basically asking me which save...
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    Suggetsion About News Posts

    I think it would be a good idea if we had a requirement that news posts should include a brief explanation of what the news item is about. For example, on the current main page there is news about Opentyrian2x and Fba2x both being updated but give no clue at all as to what these applications...
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    Linux Noob Seeks Advice

    I know that a fair amount of people who frequent these boards use Linux and so I am posting here for some advice. I have got hold of an old laptop and I am using it to try to get into the world of Linux. The details of the machine are: Name: Toshiba Satellite 1555CDS RAM: 160MB Processer: AMD...
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    Manic Miner 7 By Craig?

    I was just browsing the WOS archives and spotted this Manic Miner sequal by one Craig Rothwell. Could this be the same Craig Rothwell that runs
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    No Sound On Snes Emu?

    I managed to successfully upgrade my firmware today (by using a 256mb SD card instead of the 1GB card I bought with my GP2X from and I now have no sound with the SNES emulator. The C64 and NES emulators both still produce sound so I haven't broken anything. Does anyone else have this...
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    Gp32 Newbie Homebrew Guide

    Newcomers to the GP32 scene are obviously going to be drawn to the emulators, but there also a lot of great homebrew games for the GP32, and I have put together a brief guide to over 200 of them. It is not as in depth as other review sites and the review sections on this forum, but if you are...
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    Dc64 On Ps2

    I have managed to get DC64 up and running on my PS2 and can get to the screen wher I choose the C64 image I want to play. I when I choose an image, the emulation starts at the blue startup screen of the C64. The emulator does not support the USB keyboard, and the buttons that are mapped are...
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    Hello, I haven't tried this myself so I am not sure, but it looks as though Rlyeh may have released a new version of fSMS:
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    I hadn't visited for a while but I went there today and they have now added the ability to give ratings to PD games and emulators and everything else - an excellent feature in my opinion. Anyway, I have just finished giving ratings to all the PD roms I could remember and thought I...
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    Sega Saturn Mod Chip

    I recently bought a Saturn Mod Chip Board V2 from here for £13.24 (incl. shipping) and unfortunately it is not compatible with my Saturn. Family game state clearly on their site they will accept returns so I would like to sell it. Would anyone who could use this like to buy it off me? I'll...
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    Adventure Game

    If any of you remember text adventures, give this a try. It has hints and stuiff, so it isn't too hard. Save games do not seem to work in Firefox though, so you may be better off trying it in IE - HINT: DONT TRYAND KILL OTHELLO!
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    Spectrum Fans - Hey! Hey! 16k

    Hello, thought I would bring this to the attention of any Spectrum fans on this board who haven't seen this - it's quite good:
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    Little John

    Give Nester GP a try.
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    Speccyal'k Notes

    I have been using Speccyal K for months now and have only just found out that the two features that I thought didn't work, do work after all. Just in case anyone else has had the same problems: Full screen (removes thick border) To get this mode you need to go to the options (L+R) and set...
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    Dragon 32 - Gproar

    Can anyone help me to get this working? I have put gproar.fxe and d32rom.dgn in GPMM and I have put my .cas files in GPMM\Dragon. When I load up the emulator I get a screen full of @ signs and I cannot figure out what to do next. Any suggestions?
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    GBA and GP32

    Now, I love my GP32 as I am a big fan of 8 bit systems, but my GP32 broke for a while so I had to go back to using my GBA until a friend of mine got around to fixing it for me. The GBA is good. Needless to say, a lot of the official software is better than any of the GP32 official software...
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    Telescop Game

    Take a look at this game: Telescope Game I think it would make a good GP32 puzzler. Things start to get tricky at about level 8.
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    fSMS help: Renaming files on SMC via GP32?

    Hello My SMC was wiped clean this morning due to the batteries running out while fGB was trying to scan my directory. I tried the recover SMC thing but that couldn't find any errors so I have had to reformat my card and put all my stuff back on it. Now, this wasn't so bad for me as I had made...
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    I dug out my Saturn recently and got hooked again on the Staturn update of the old arcade classic Tempest (if you have never played this, the Saturn version is almost the same as the original but with slightly better graphics and sound and power ups). Does anyone know of any versions of Tempest...
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    SMC reader problem

    I have noticed that several people have recommend using an SMC reader/writer instead of the GP32 to transfer files to the smart card but I have found that since I have formatted my cards using PC link, my SMC reader can no longer read my cards. Has anyone else had this problem? My camera can...