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    This Forum Seems So...

    This off-topic section used to be really busy, full of arguments on politics, games, tech, and pretty much everything else.
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    Is The Pandora Vaporware?

    Well if it isnt vapourware, it should be, because the specs and features announced years ago seemed decent at the time, but the device seems pathetic now compared to the top end smart phones. No 3g just isnt any good for a mobile device in this day and age imho.
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    Wow, Over A Year Late?

    Maybe they weren't, but they have become gaming systems, and there are lots of exciting and original ideas out there. I'd rather support that than playing the same old N64 games over and over again.
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    Wow, Over A Year Late?

    Now, I don't want to upset anyone here, but when the Pandora was originally announced, the iPhone was just taking off, and nobody had really heard of Android. Back then the thought of having a portable computer in your pocket was exciting. Now many of us have just that. I fail to see what the...
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    Will The Pandora Ever Arrive?

    I can't see it ever arriving tbh. Its how many weeks (or years) overdue now? I was interested at first, but now only check back to see if people still believe this thing will be released. To be honest, anyone buying this device will still have to carry two gadgets around, (this and a phone)...
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    Gp2x Possible Replacement?

    Tbh, 3" is big enough for this sort of device. Some people actually leave the house and would like a portable machine which feels comfortable carried anywhere. We don't all want a PSP brick in our pockets.
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    Pandora Scheduled In August Right...

    Actually forget it. No point stirring the fanboys.
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    E3 Thoughtsfli

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    Chrono Trigger Ds

    I quite liked using the touchscreen to move around in the latest Zelda. Although I am undecided if it would be good for a game like Chrono Trigger.
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    Chrono Trigger Ds

    It will be 3d. I don't have a problem with that. The FF3 remake looked nice.
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    Chrono Trigger Ds

    It has been confirmed. They better not fuck it up/
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    Analog Nubs - Poll

    In the real world, companies (even small companies like this) have to get products out there at some point. Compromises have to be made, and you have to accept what is on offer. It isn't fair to expect the team to wait forever because a few people are being picky at best, anal at worst, and all...
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    Analog Nubs - Poll

    What's the point 'doing it right' if it never gets released? Spring has turned into Autumn, which will turn into the New Year at this rate. By which point, lots of us will have gone for something else. All because we've all come down with a serious case of DaveC disease.
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    New Blog Post

    I disagree. I think the prospect of 8+hours battery life will greatly appeal to those wanting an UMPC. Including me.
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    Who Likes The Wii

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    Who Likes The Wii

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    Who Likes The Wii

    Don't be stupid. Look at the plethora of shitty shovelware on the PS2, and tell me that in some way invalidates the many good games. I know I wouldn't let Little Britain the game ruin my enjoyment of God of War. What is people's obsession with talking about Wii shovelware? The most popular...
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    Who Likes The Wii

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    Who Likes The Wii

    If my post was fanboyism, what does that make yours? So you've got all 3 consoles. WOW! Doesn't make your thoughts any less stupid. So RE4 was released on the Cube. So what? The Wii version is so much better, it makes the experience into one of the greatest games of all time. Mario Kart Wii...