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    Ways To Fight/prevent Pandora Games Piracy

    well, you could do it like the DS did it, or the way steam does it. personally i like steam, and it's the only way I'll buy games, unless there is a treasure chest of stuff that comes with the boxed version (a la fallout3) steam validates every time the game is loaded if they are connected to...
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    So Uh, Just Found My Gp2x Again

    yeah, kinda wish i didn't. i had fond memories of the thing, and then all the default stick problems came back, and i remembered just how bad that was. i like the GP2x, just don't really like the stick. so, i've been gone a year. could i have an update in a nutshell?
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    Psx Emulation.

    strictly speaking? you cant really modify PSx images that much. most of them have code to prevent them from being stripped down, though i dont know how sophisticated it is. I do know that many games use an almost securom tech in it. (there is a program to shrink that dummy data, called ECM, made...
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    Intel Atom: Did Pandora Choose The Wrong Cpu?

    What the hell are you smokin', boy? the hell are you smoking. linux and dos are two separate OSes. the way you took that, and the way it was intended was FAR different. as for running on 16 bit? yeah, it does. it also runs on just about anything with a CPU. from 8bit to 64 bit. hell, so long...
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    Intel Atom: Did Pandora Choose The Wrong Cpu?

    look at the X86 arch. they JUST removed the 16 bit subsystem with the switch from the 9x kernel to the NT kernel. for YEARS people have bitched about how they cant run their "good old dos software" but there really isn't any software that i can think of that is useful when it was written over 10...
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    Pandora Standard File Format?

    actually, i kinda like *.box for compressed executables or something. .PRS and PXEs are used in PSP stuff, (1.5 and 2.x respectively) self contained read only executables that contain everything including a default config (where it'd be read from the ./ first, then copied) loading time would...
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    the winCE API is very similar to the base Win32 libs iirc. Doesn't mean that they are good though. i remember programming using the win32 libs, it sucked pretty bad.
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    Game Boy / Game Boy Color Emulator?

    I'd like to see them implement the RTC functions and what not into Gnuboy. something that could advance time on the fly, speedup, slowdown, etc. i guess it's not really necessary though.
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    Dreamcast Emulator For Pandora?

    i wouldn't call the GCN same gen as the DC really, i'd call it a half jump between the N64 and the GCN. ok, basic examination shows that the PowerVR series2 in the DC was clocked at 100 MHz, had 8mb of single datarate ram, and ran at 7.0 Mpoly/sec. The PowerVR series 5 (SGX) installed in the...
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    Dvb-t On Pandora?

    # TerraTec Cinergy Piranha (seems to be unsupported as 19/02/2008)
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    from the looks of it yes. this is probably a perm mk.1 unit blank. judging from the placement from the renders, it's not TOO hard to determine what pins go where, but i'm not sure as to all of the pins.
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    Touchscreen Concern

    Will the pandora have a heat sensor like the NDS? (i.e. for thermometer settings and what not?) (the thermal sensor iirc was behind the touch screen)
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    I'd prefer the larger hi-cap battery, that way if we overclock, we'll have a better battery life, OR if we put in addons (like bluetooth, or something else) we'd have an average battery. Squidge's idea is nice, but I don't want a machine with a cheap battery, I then have to buy another battery...
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    Pc Emulator For Pandora?

    True, but Windows CE 6 runs already on the OMAP chip (i think it has support for the 3x series, but dont hold me to that), So it's not as hopeless as you think. Again it's probably useless and a moot point. I wouldn't want to trash my pandy trying to get windows on it when i could just as easily...
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    Pp: Porta-portals

    It uses the Ogre3d engine, which iirc, is written in C++ and requires OGL 1.2.1. you'd have to rewrite the core of it to use the shader engine of the OGL2.0ES system (again, if i recall correctly, it's NOT backward compatable, and it's an entirely new engine.) That being said, That's going to...
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    Pandora Pim Software For The Pandora

    iirc it's also slow and includes a whole bunch of stuff that's unnecessary.
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    Meet Pandora's Mail Client!

    I dunno, I could see the use of a fast and lite POP3 mail client. my school's web interface is the horse's arse, and probably hasn't been updated since windows98 was released. There is a PIM/calander software thread here: maybe someone could...