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  1. Ravnos

    Video Games Live

    It was good but I wasn't blown away. My gf got me tickets one year for my birthday and we went. If that's what she paid, I probably would have told her not to do it but at the same time, I didn't regret going or anything. If you'd consider dropping $100 on any concert, it's probably worth it...
  2. Ravnos

    So Much For Open Source Nokia

    I'm seriously considering a WebOS phone on my next purchase. I'll never buy another Nokia again.
  3. Ravnos

    Image... Discuss

    The BC lower mainland and islands all seem to be covered under "Stoners" while it looks like the inhabited parts of AB and SK are in the "Jesus and Meth" zone, which isn't entirely inaccurate, but it's a lot less prevalent than in the US. The Jesus, anyway. The meth is still all over the place.
  4. Ravnos

    What Ever Happened With These Games?

    Arecibo never saw a proper release. I PM-ed the maker a few years ago and he sounded like he wanted to keep working on it but was pretty busy, and that was the last I heard of it. Looked like an awesome platformer, though, and I was really excited for it.
  5. Ravnos

    The Rabbit Joint

    I know about Wind. Since I'm not in Toronto, they're not an option. Their coverage in Edmonton and Calgary (the two cities I'm in most) is spotty at best, and after speaking with their sales reps, the possibility exists that I can be billed for Away zone calls and data while in a Home zone if...
  6. Ravnos

    The Rabbit Joint

    Canadian ISPs are seriously the biggest joke, right after Canadian wireless providers. If Rogers, Telus, Shaw, and Bell all went tits up tomorrow, I wouldn't feel the slightest bit bad for them.
  7. Ravnos

    I Hate This Xbox Drive Crap! Heeeelp...

    Honestly, replace the hard drive with a big one instead and then copy her games to it for her. Once they're on the drive, she won't have to worry about it, just pick the games from a list in the launcher. It's not much more difficult than putting a DVD in and playing the game from that. I loaded...
  8. Ravnos

    Pandora Or N900

    I spent $580 for my N900 a while back and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It's got rough edges and some missing features but it's worth it to have a Linux computer in my pocket. The GameGripper is far from perfect, but does the job when I need it to, and it works with the PS3 controller as well...
  9. Ravnos

    The Rabbit Joint

    Who wants to bet this comes out before the first batch of Pandoras finishes shipping?
  10. Ravnos

    The Rabbit Joint

    Caught the first major-junior game of the season tonight... and my WHL team still stinks. Oh well. It'll be interesting to watch a couple of the prospects develop. Also while I think of it. I'm probably the only (or one of the only) hockey fans here, but I've been looking for a site that...
  11. Ravnos

    Movies Thread

    Watched Ex Drummer for the second time. Had to make the gf watch it. Holy shit is it a good movie. Highly, highly recommended viewing.
  12. Ravnos

    Hardwiring A Snes Controller To A Beat-Up Gamecube One.

    You could just buy one of these. It would probably save you a bunch of time and effort and work just as well, if not better.
  13. Ravnos

    The Rabbit Joint

    Watched my first KHL game today. Probably going to watch more Euro hockey this season, too. Thanks to time zone differences, I can watch either the KHL, Elitserien or SM-Liiga during the day and the NHL at night. Pretty sweet deal as long as I can find streams for the games.
  14. Ravnos

    Argh! Trying To Fix A Broken Xbox Controller Cord

    I saw that ages ago and wanted to do it but never got around to it. The XBox's controller is the biggest stumbling block to using it for emulation, it's just a really really shitty controller for old games. But since I have an HTPC with decent USB controllers and a softmodded Wii, I have no real...
  15. Ravnos

    Portable Handheld Master System/genesis/megadrive?

    The GP2X and the Wiz are both out of production but you can still find the Wiz in a few shops, apparently there is still stock floating around. I bought my GP2X back in the day from and they apparently have the Wiz in stock. sells the Wiz and has a Vancouver number...
  16. Ravnos

    Rage On The Iphone

    Because the world runs on unicorn farts and fairy dust and so of course Bethesda/id Software will be willing to lose money to port their latest and greatest games to a practically non-existent market. The $250 they would make would totally recoup their investment because it would also come with...
  17. Ravnos

    Portable Handheld Master System/genesis/megadrive?

    I don't really know anything about the Dingoo, but the GP2X had a fuckin awesome Picodrive port, and I'd be surprised if the Wiz version was worse. I don't play my real Genesis at all any more, though, so I'm not sure how accurate the music and sound is. It was accurate enough for me. It also...
  18. Ravnos

    The Rabbit Joint

    Amarok 2 sucks. I'd murder for a proper Linux port of Foobar2000 though.
  19. Ravnos

    Android Gaming Device By Sony

    I'd love to get my hands on an NGage QD if I could find one for cheap, especially if it came with a copy of Rifts. I've wanted to play that for ages and would jump at the chance. If only there were an NGage emulator... :(
  20. Ravnos

    Currently Watching On Tv

    Buffy and Angel were both great shows. Angel actually made me like that character, I thought he was a whiny bitch in Buffy but Angel gave him some depth. I like almost everything Joss Whedon has done, though, including Dollhouse. Speaking of, I have to finish season 2 of that... I'm not really...