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    Just Got A Dreamcast

    get Ikaruga you won't have time for a scene when you're trying to complete that bitch
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    Stinkfist, Eulogy, Parabola, Schism, Ticks & Leeches. Red one's are on Aenima, blue ones are on Lateralus... those are the only two albums from Tool I have, so I don't know about any of the other albums.
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    Herd Any Good Jokes Recently?

    And God said to John, "Come forth and you will recieve eternal life." John came fifth and got a toaster.
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    Recommend Me Some Music

    Sigur Rós Also consider: Pendulum Aphrodite
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    The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

    Thom Yorke - The Eraser
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    The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

    Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy
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    The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

    Underworld - Born Slippy
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    The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

    Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash... ROCK ON! \m/d^.^b\m/
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    Whats The Best Dreamcast Game?

    Ikaruga, Jet Set Radio and Rez... hell yeah
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    My personal pick of the bunch of games I have... F-Zero X Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (drilling dinosaur's brains out with the celebal bore... :D ) Mario Kart 64 Zelda: OoT Banjo Kazooie/Donkey Kong 64 - they're kinda the same but with different worlds/characters Pilotwings 64... if you're skillful...
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    Gamestm '100 Greatest Games'

    The Full List 100-51 100. Chuckie Egg 99. Bomb Jack 98. Vib Ribbon 97. Last Ninja 2 96. Perfect Dark 95. Pac Man 94. Stunt Car Racer 93. Resident Evil 92. Wave Race 64 91. Fire Pro Wrestling D 90. Pirates! 89. Vandal Hearts 88. Crazy Taxi 87. Defender 86. Atic Atac 85. Guardian Heroes 84...
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    Which Version Of Tetris Do You Like The Most?

    I love all of them as if they were my children.
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    Dreamcast Appreciation Thread

    The signature/member title says it all. Dreamcast truly is one of the best systems. Shame it kinda comercially flopped. I just completed area 5 of Rez today, I'm so proud. I'm still mega lame at Jet Set Radio though, stupid helicopters with their stupid rockets... Best Games: Ikaruga - "damn...
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    Some More New Ds Info

    That blue one is just sick.
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    How Many 'failed Consoles' Did You Go Along With?

    Cybiko. I'm telling you, it was NOT too fun for £29.99.
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    using patched uxtheme.dll and Ashen theme rock on :D
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    Not Pron

    I'm on level 10, level 6 took me a while to figure out.
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    Which Type Of Fps Do You Like

    Doom 3 and Quake 4 have recently caught my attention, and the best thing its, they run on my already ageing 1 year old Dell (2.66Ghz Celeron, PCI Radeon 9200, 512mb RAM). Only catch is that you have to turn the graphics down a hell of a lot to get a playable experience... but I've never had a...
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    24 - Day 5

    It lost the magic after it moved to Sky One and had adverts in it. How can our hero, Jack Bauer, save the day with fucking adverts every 5 minutes? It's like Lost, it doesn't even get past the intro before it goes to an advert break.