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    Mame4all Gp2x 1.4

    Please Can you fix sound in rygar? :)
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    Gmenu2x 0.10 Test 1

    The news is "wrong" because this version of gmenu is a test version. (here the italian thread: ) It is "normal" that you won't able to fully navigate. The clock issue seems to be a problem with the sdl library and we can use a text edit to...
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    Uae4allgp2x 0.8.0 Beta By Noldor

    Ham mode it is a very complex task (I taked a look into pspuae version) and probabily inuseful upgrade :° I'm not a c programming guru and I not have the capacity to improve the compatibility and the games speed ^^ (In this and in my old beta I only have added "simple" but useful tasks that was...
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    Uae4allgp2x 0.8.0 Beta By Noldor

    "3) Preliminary Usb support (partially in the menù but near complete in-game support)... it is in test state"
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    Uae4allgp2x 0.8.0 Beta By Noldor

    To use this beta you need to use all other files from the old one.
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    Mame4all For Gp2x V1.2

    psychic 5 and kick & run still not work with drz80 core.
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    Mame4all For Gp2x V1.0

    "Master of mame" Franxis :) can you add to the "to do list" a fix for the horrible sound in game like rygar? (in the latest mamegp2x there was a "first step" to fix the sound driver).
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    Temper Bugs/suggestions/compatibility Issues

    With every games I have tried. If I use a remote shell and run the emu on command line, all is right: no crash. If I launch the emu from gmenu2x or the standard gp2xmenu I can launch the emu only once after a reset. On the second run, when I will launch a game the emu will freeze (not a crash...
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    Temper Bugs/suggestions/compatibility Issues

    I have the same bug. I tried to make some reset but the emu still crash. I'm using 2.1.2 (notaz version) firmware.
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    Temper Bugs/suggestions/compatibility Issues

    Could be useful if the file navigation should remember the last file selected(it is boring to scroll a long list of files from the start to try a game after another)
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    Temper Pc-engine/turbografx-16 Emulator V0.5

    Ghouls'n ghosts and 1943 freeze the emulator. Other games tested (out run, ordyne, turrican, r-type) plays very well with low clock :)
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    Uae4all Amiga Emulator Port To Gp2x

    The usb mouse is still working: I have tried it :D. I also added usb pad support, fixed diagonals on F200, and added zip support :) Next beta version will be online soon :) I'm trying to adapt savestate from pspuae but it is difficult for me :) ( I'm not a guru :°°°°D ) (I planned to add...
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    Amiga Emulator (beta)

    It is a bug that I found in the official 0.7.2a too. Can you tell the emulator actual exact path(for example: sd root/uae8/ or sd root/emulators/uae8 ...?) (I need it to try to fix this bug :) )
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    Amiga Emulator (beta)

    Try to set in the menu "more options" Auto Save "On" then save general config, quit the emulator and re-run it. Or send me a zipped file(mail address is included in the readme 0.8.0 beta) with your emu folder (please include some adf and kickstart). (anyway first try this solution :) ) The...
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    Gp2x-dragon: A Dragon / Tandy Coco Emulator For Gp2x V1.0.1

    [Sublimal message] (remember Rygar too...) [/Sublimal message] :D
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    Gp2x-cap32: Amstrad Cpc Emulator For Gp2x V1.3.1

    Use save state, it is the same :)
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    Amiga Emu Uae4all

    For me the correct folders are disks for the games and roms or kickstarts for kickstart related files. Anyway others guys usually use (in other emulators like mame) roms folder for games. What I can do to make everyone happy? :D @kelp7: there is one readme about 0.8.0 beta and it is named...