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    A "broken" Gp2x -- Attempt To Fix? Sell?

    If I did post images, they would have to be in a low resolution, since the only thing that can take pictures for me at the moment is my cellphone. Do you want them to be of the inside of the GP2X? Where the part fell off? I'm not quite sure, I think I was moving this back and forth too.
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    A "broken" Gp2x -- Attempt To Fix? Sell?

    Dear, Wow, I haven't been here in a while. It's not like I posted much, but that's not the point. Recently, or well, 3 or 4 months ago, my GP2X went boom. Or actually, it just doesn't turn on anymore. Is it bricked because of bad software? I doubt it, it was on when it happened. I was...
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    Gameboy/gameboy Color Emulator

    I know it probably won't get done, but a build-in gameshark would be awesome. The only reason I want to use a gameshark is for the Pokemon series, man, I want to break those and get glitched pokemon. :P Agreed with the new GBC emulator idea. If I knew how to code, I would give it a shot, but...
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    Left Speaker Stopped Working

    My location... anyone familiar with Texas? :D So by what you're saying, is that I could fix it if I'm not a complete idiot and not mess up? Should I open it up, see what's wrong and see if I can fix it, and if I don't fix it/mess up, give it to someone to look at? I don't think there's any...
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    Left Speaker Stopped Working

    Well, I should say it fell, but my GP2X has fallen before, with it only resetting. This time, the left speaker just turned off completely. Is this something I could fix? Meaning, a person with virtually no electronic knowledge, or should I just deal with it? I'd rather not though, is there...
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    Post Your Gshot Screenshots!

    QUOTE "Sacred Grounds", is this the Hell-Level at the End of the Hard mode? Wow, this is possible onto the GP2X? HOW? :lol: I'm stuck in hard mode far away from the last Level, this Level her which leads to the Surface (and the last bosses) is far beyond my skills: it's difficult in normal...
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    Post Your Gshot Screenshots!

    Sonic 3D Blast 5 (gpfce -- do not fear, it's a hack) Cave Story (title screen after beating Sacred Grounds under 5 minutes)
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    [April Fool] Gpn64 - Gp2x N64 Emulator

    This was more cruel than someone faking a suicide. :(
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    Mp4 Player? Works great for me.
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    Full Reverse Extension Of Lid

    I would want this so bad too, but it's probably not going to get done... :(
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    Your Most Wanted Ported Game On Pandora?

    Line Rider plz <3
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    If You Had To Choose Between Headphone Port And Volume Slider

    Wait, the Pandora doesn't have a headphone port? I want to use it as an MP3 player too! D:
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    Some Questions!

    Answered only what I could.
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    L + R Buttons

    The GP2X's, they're just more confortable to me. :P
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    Black F-200

    I was wondering if it would be possible to color my GP2X black...? The white version looks nice and all, but I would just rather have a black one. I'm thinking of just coloring the back and front, leaving the middle part and buttons with their original color. Although, I'm stupid in general and...
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    N64 Emulator For Gp2x

    I didn't believe it at first, but it is true... this topic DOES get posted every month without fail... lol
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    Nds Emulation

    It will probably look like a .gif if it was like that on the pandora. :D I'm guessing making it 1.5 times or even 2.0 times bigger shouldn't be a problem...
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    Questions About The Pandora

    So from what I've gathered, there will still be a loading screen, but won't be as slow? Either that, or I suck at reading. :D
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    Nds Emulation

    Don't worry about the screen: As for games, I haven't really played any that require full attention to both screens at the same time...