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  1. Javacat

    Batch 2 Ordering Is Up

    Got an email with the link for batch 2 ordering [I hope you don't mind, but I've removed the link for the moment, pending being able to get the view of the other moderators on this. I'm not one for censorship, but requests for a link to not be posted aren't a common thing to come across...
  2. Javacat

    Get Those Space Boots On And Help Me!

    I'm finally starting to run low on DVD's to watch and need some help! I'm basically looking for any more space epic/opera/horror/whatever movies! Although I'm quite not sure why, they are one of my favourite types of films. I don't know whether it's down to the seclusion usually present or...
  3. Javacat

    Letcool N350Jp

    So I know there are loooooooooooooooooads of those now handhelds getting churned out of china every week, and they keep appearing on here. Most of them look shite, have a crappy D pad and generally bad button layouts. I've never paid much interest in them, but a new one has sort of caught my eye...
  4. Javacat

    Firmware Updates/upgrades

    I was fiddling with my GP2X a couple of days ago for the first time in a year or so, and I was getting it all up to date. Whilst I was doing that it got me wondering, how will updates for the Pandoras firmware be handled? Will there just be complete firmware images, with a new version released...
  5. Javacat

    Current Performance Of The Emulators Like?

    I'm thinking of getting a new handheld for playing a few oldie games and I'm just wondering what the current state of the emulators are for the Dingoo. I've done a load of searching, but most of the information about the emulators is several months old. I know that the emulators that run under...
  6. Javacat

    Help Me Remember The Name Of This Scifi Film!

    I've been trying to remember the name of a film I saw years ago. I remember having a bit of a search for it a couple of years ago, but didn't get very far. I then got reminded of it last night and have started searching again. I've been all over IMDB, but so far haven't found anything. Here is...
  7. Javacat

    Bring Back Guitar Girl

    Topic ^^^ That is all.
  8. Javacat

    Raid Stats!

    Anyone got a link for some site that's got stats for different RAID setups with different types of hard drives or experience with them? I'm basically in need of some statistics comparing SAS drives in RAID 5 and SATA drives in RAID 10. I've looked all over, but can't find any sites with a decent...
  9. Javacat

    Do You Hate The General Public?

    WELL??!??!?!?!? I do ^_^ edit: MY POLL HAS GONE!
  10. Javacat


    Bored. Show me pics of your hands. Blah.
  11. Javacat

    Linux Based Development Boards

    So I've had an idea for a project that I'm considering doing, but I'm going to need some sort of dev board with support for Java and preferably running linux. The board needs to be capable of using USB devices such as webcams, wifi dongles and controlling LCD displays for basic textual output...
  12. Javacat


    Has anyone heard anything about the Gameport recently? Just been doing some quick searching after remembering about it to see whether it's still that huge brick they showed a few months back, but it appears to have changed it's name to Wanga. They've got some new site @, but...
  13. Javacat

    On Board Storage

    Just wondering whether I have missed some information anywhere on how much memory will be built into the Pandora. Also, what will be the 'standard' way of managing files on the Pandora? Will it be like the GP2X where people normally store all of the applications and ROMS/user files, etc on...
  14. Javacat

    Action Buttons

    I know that this will probably have no bearing on the final design, but these things have been brought up numerous times in the past few months since news about the console first came out and I'm interested in what other peoples views are. I would personally have preferred 6 action buttons (for...
  15. Javacat


    Just looking at the renderings and I can't see any sign of the promised RS-232 port that has been brought up previously. Will you need to do this through a USB converter or does the A/V port have some hidden functions? Also, is there a mic hidden away in there somewhere, or will that require...
  16. Javacat

    Developing Using Virtual Machines

    I'm guessing that a few people will have had to do this at some point. Basically I'm wanting to develop some software, but to make it and for testing I'm going to make a virtual network. The server will need to be Windows Server 2003 and for the clients I'll need to use XP Pro (and later Linux...
  17. Javacat


    Can anyone send me an invite for for There's a torrent for a TV series I really want that is apparently available on it at the minute and it's not available anywhere else. The TV series is called The Last Train and is a bit crappy, but I've been wanting to see it again for...
  18. Javacat

    Business Laptops

    Over the past year or so a few of the salesmen and a few of the executives where I work have started wanting laptops for working out of the office. Now more and more are wanting them and I'm a bit lost with all of the different manufacturers and models now. Every time I've gotten one I've tried...
  19. Javacat

    New Section

    Since Craigx seems to be somewhat more open now about the progress of his new console and the single thread is getting quite large, with multiple discussions going off at once (pricing, included keyboard, concept art, chipset details, etc); maybe it's time to open a new section for it? I'm...
  20. Javacat

    Animal Crossing: Wild World

    I only started playing a few days ago and I'd like to nick some fruit from somebody so that I can grow some foreign fruit and make a bit more money. Anyone fancy being my friend? Friend code: 4639-6168-0745 btw, my native fruit is Oranges. edit: my name is it is Javacat and my town is called...