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  1. FBnil

    The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

    And that song reminds me of Bringing up 4 sons to handle the guns...
  2. FBnil

    This is a longshot, but... anime thread?

    whoa... have you seen... theater versions of Manga/Anime? No, wait. Let me start at the Beninging benig...begni.. from the start: The Dutch had an idea, what if we put the crowd in the middle, and rotate the stage in a ring, so to lower waiting time until the new set is set up. This was done...
  3. FBnil

    The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

    Beautiful acoustic rendition. By the originals, JHJ: The songtext always gets me melancholic. Prostitution damages the soul. The scars are invisible on the surface, but run very deep, too deep to fix and it makes you feel powerless. My Turkish neighbour cleaned ships from the inside in the...
  4. FBnil

    The Caring Corner :)

    I have not seen him in a while either. Maybe some family issue keeps him away from this corner of the internet. But that's how forums go, for example El Joker hasn't logged in for a while either, but he keeps busy with his bohemian projects, so he's fine. As for @JDTAY, his health was so-so...
  5. FBnil

    Absurdism corner This is a raytracing engine contained in a single Mysql SELECT statement. In the beginning of the code there are a few parameters that can be modified. The scene can be specified using the @triangles and @squares parameters, but everything is explained in...
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    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    I've been playing Go-Fish, it's a cardgame described here (and also playable if you have JS enabled):
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    (Bad)Joke Appreciation Corner

    ------- A man and a giraffe walk into a bar. After a few drinks, the giraffe falls over and dies. The man begins to walk out when the bartender stops him. “Hey, you can’t leave that lyin’ there!” The bartender yells out. The man turns around: “It’s not a lion. It’s a giraffe.” ------- Why...
  8. FBnil

    This is a longshot, but... anime thread?

    Another masterpiece: "His Women's University" Despite the title it's PG so totally OK. This masterpiece starts a a RomCom (Romantic Comedy) and does excursions into a mystery detective story, a fighting action story, all while retaining a brilliant comedy, that had me gasping for air while...
  9. FBnil

    This is a longshot, but... anime thread?

    Not Anime but Manga. It's called "I sold my life for ten thousand yen per year". Here's just a comment midway the Manga: Pyrectic: This is the moment... This is when you know every chapter after this would hurt you but it would also be bitterweet and amazing... So this is the moment, read on...
  10. FBnil

    The Caring Corner :)

    Now I feel silly for not catching that obvious reference. 1675280760 Here... you're as ugly as Ryuk, so you must like apples... 1675280792 I'll probably get hit by an apple projectile if I do that....
  11. FBnil

    The Caring Corner :)

    Wasn't it the woman that gave the man an apple? So I should wait for mine? Or do you mean give the child an apple.... yes, will do that next time; sit her down next to a tree, then Crunk pulls the lever and the apple falls on her head... and then we can talk about physics.
  12. FBnil

    The Caring Corner :)

    I'm alive, just reading manga... and there is so much of it... (and also lots of things to do at work and at the home and with my fam) Bought the whole Deathnote series for my daugher. ex-wife was not all too happy, but hey, it's fun to talk with my daughter about morals and where you draw...
  13. FBnil

    Using a Pyra to rescue some old Amiga floppy disk

    Yeah, I hate Python for that. It's not backwards compatible, and after the 2.6,2.7,3.x transition I thought the 3.x was "stable", but no; you need to have different binaries and libraries and some libraries are not compatible with each other, so the latest lib breaks the latest software...
  14. FBnil

    The Communication Cube

    hmm... It's 2023 and JDTAY's image is still a Pizza... so... fake news?
  15. FBnil

    Happy New Year!

    This is the year of the Pyra! ... I hope.
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    The Communication Cube

    Is that the voice of KITT?
  17. FBnil

    What are you playing this weekend/these days? This game is skeleton dating simulator with top down shooting mechanics.. wait, what? Genuinely funny. Talk to Death to get powerups to actually beat the game. Had a laugh? Then try part two too!
  18. FBnil

    Commodore 64

    There is a Video Game Music Preservation Foundation and it contains some of the cool songs made for the C64. Here's drum's guitars and a guitar solo that is very good: and 8bit music theory:
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    What have you bought recently?

    Have you Ever eaten: Or: Or: ?
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    The Communication Cube

    You need a wall to be able to tear it down. You become a father the moment you hold the baby in your arms. The moment is magical. It could be a deterrent to non-allied countries. Words have effects. Personally I think that it's classified and that's all we will get, for now. 1671124171 True...