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  1. Atomos

    SuperZaxxon v1.73 - maintenance release

    Many, many thanks for the ongoing work, notaz!
  2. Atomos


    siehe dazu auch diesen Thread Ich habe immer noch die 2011 gekaufte Folie drauf und bin sehr damit zufrieden. :yes:
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    Easy Bluetooth Headphone Solution

    I'm just testing this. So far I had no luck with Audacious; mplayer2 at least gave me about 10 seconds of sound via BT before it stopped with some ALSA error.
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    Desktop auf deutsch

    Das geht mit diesem Eintrag in Deiner .bashrc: export LANG="de_DE" Damit wird zwar nicht alles deutsch, aber Datum und Kalender (das war auch genau der Grund, warum ich das bei mir gemacht habe).
  5. Atomos

    Release Vertigo Flight Simulator

    This is a flight simulator with emphasis on realism of the flight-model; there are several types of air- and space-crafts selectable (author's website). I've made slight visual adjustments for better readability on the Pandora screen, as well as few changes in the key mapping. The biggest...
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    Release Pandora System Info

    Great tool, thanks! Here is the info for my quite old battery: 88.49% after 412 cycles
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    Release SuperZaxxon v1.51 released!

    Great! Now the left nub works even after waking up from suspend! :D
  8. Atomos

    Need some help with regional settings and other problems

    I'm using the first solution (on Windows 7). I think generally using UTF-8 is better than permanently fiddling with different encodings. I'm German, too ;-) and I changed some more obscure symbols to the needed umlauts in .pndXmodmap. At least Orage (the calender) now begins with Monday...
  9. Atomos

    Need some help with regional settings and other problems

    I'll try to answer your first question. I think the problem in the text in your picture is the character encoding - it looks like ISO-8859-2 or (worse) CP1250 (WinLatin2) to me, while you should use UTF-8. The Pandora is fully capable of using UTF-8 encoded characters; I'm using this feature...
  10. Atomos

    Release SuperZaxxon - Beta 5 released

    I've had the same issue with Beta 4 and the left nub. Unfortunately it didn't change with Beta 5. At least it works after reinserting the SD card.
  11. Atomos

    Release SuperZaxxon - Beta 4 released

    I experience exactly the same problem, the only difference is after rebooting it works again. Thanks for the hint for shortly removing the SD card!
  12. Atomos

    Video transcoding presets for Handbrake

    Thanks for your work! Very appreciated.
  13. Atomos

    Grafikrechner / Gleichungslöser

    Für höhere Ansprüche gibt es auch noch/bereits Maxima (siehe auch Wikipedia).
  14. Atomos

    Release Uplink

    Thanks! Thanks! Did I say thanks? Thanks!
  15. Atomos

    Release Bermuda Syndrome

    First success: when running with sudo ... the game starts! :lol: Apparently the shared memory owned by root is the problem. I tried to remove it with ipcrm, but with no success so far. It looks like the same segments are assigned to root each time the system is booted. I'm...
  16. Atomos

    Release Bermuda Syndrome

    Lomaxx, thanks for your help! Here is what I found so far: echo $UID 1000 echo $GROUPS 1001 .asoundrc is unchanged: -rw-r--r-- 1 tom tom 599 2010-08-15 01:36 .asoundrc The page you've found seems to point in the right direction, I have got also a few shared memory...
  17. Atomos

    Release Bermuda Syndrome

    No problem with sound in other applications before or after. The only dmesg message I found is this: aufs test:add:243:mount[5507]: uid/gid/perm /mnt/pnd/BermudaSyndrome-0.1.4 1000/1001/0755, 0/0/0777
  18. Atomos

    Release Bermuda Syndrome

    Hm, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but it doesn't work for me: from /tmp/pndrun_BermudaSyndrome-0.1.4.out: [ START ]--- Starting the application (scripts/ ) ---------- ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:975:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to create IPC semaphore ERROR: SystemStub_SDL::startAudio()...
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    Release Bermuda Syndrome

    Great, thanks!
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    Humble Introversion Bundle Source Available

    Great! Since I have the Pandora I imagined playing Darwinia on it... :wub: