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    Which OS are you

    You are Amiga OS.
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    What could i do with linux?

    Mmm... Emacs! :P
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    GP32 Stuff for the Mac?

    Thanks! :D
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    GP32 Stuff for the Mac?

    Anyone know any good resource for GP32-stuff on the Mac? :huh:
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    GP32 stupid questions

    I guess there's an ARM port of Bochs, if you're interested.
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    Cleaning the gp32 xcreen

    I and I was just happy using the CD-cleaner kit... :huh:
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    Swedes! Read this!

    Göteborg låter bra. Nära till Norge. :)
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    GP32 Objects in C?!

    Build your own semi-automatic module system if you have a hard time with C++. :blink:
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    GP32 can BASIC be used?

    But perhaps learning Python or Ruby would be more suitable, eh? :rolleyes:
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    GP32 can BASIC be used?

    I've been interested in implementing the good 'ol BASIC version used in the Sharp MZ-700 microcomputers... :P
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    GP32 Augh!

    Weo! Thanks a million! :rolleyes:
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    GP32 Augh!

    There. I'm now done with my quest for finding proper gp32 development tools. Well, finding the tools weren't so hard, the thing is to make them work properly. Now I'm so fed up with bogus tools and sites suffering downtime, so could someone please upload the official development suite, or at...
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    GP32 Crosscompiling and SDK's?

    Allright. Well, I guess I'll have to roam the net for a while... :(
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    GP32 Crosscompiling and SDK's?

    Thanks! :D Hmm. Aren't there any official site for the GP32/ARM GCC port?
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    GP32 Crosscompiling and SDK's?

    Allright. Does anyone know where I can retrieve the source tarball of the crosscompiler?
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    gameboy advance emulator????

    How could Nintendo stamp all over GamePark for the sake of an emulator? But it would be pretty much in-your-face if someone created a GBA emulator for GP32. Oh, how jealous the GBA people would be... :P
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    GP32 Scummvm

    See if it is available on
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    GP32 Crosscompiling and SDK's? fair! If I want to install this glibc-2.3 rpm, I have to basically upgrade my entire system... THANK YOU REDHAT FOR INVENTING THE WORST PACKAGING SYSTEM EVER!! :angry: Shutup!Shutup!Shutup!Gah!
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    gameboy advance emulator????

    And here I thought GBA had discarded those custom chips... I was a fool for thinking so. Smite me! <_<
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    GP32 Crosscompiling and SDK's?

    I don't know the slightest. Whenever I find inspiration, I guess. :)