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    Pandora For Sale (Ebay)

    My portable priorities have changed in the 2 years since I ordered my Pandora so I'll join the slow trickle of ebay sales. Thanks for taking a peek.
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    Free TI tools for DSP programming here!

    I got this email as well but unfortunately this is all useless until we move up to a less ancient kernel. At the moment the DSP is not accessible at all. I believe notaz is one of the only people working on the kernel at the moment and that's no small task. I'm getting a development...
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    ./config.status: line 1182: /usr/local/angstrom/arm/arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/usr/bin/gawk: cannot execute binary file This is because the script is trying to execute an ARM compiled binary because it happened to come across it in the PATH first. Solutions: 1) Can you specify the path to gawk...
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    Opkg-Target In Djwillis Toolchain Configuration

    I'd like to use opkg-target in DJWillis's toolchain to add libraries to my development environment but I'm unable to update it. josh@pandoradev:~/dev$ opkg-target update Downloading /all/Packages.gz. Downloading /any/Packages.gz. Downloading /noarch/Packages.gz. Downloading /arm/Packages.gz...
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    Libtool And .la Files Containing Non-Absolute Paths

    This has been driving me batty all night so hopefully someone sees something obvious I'm doing wrong and can send me on my way. I'm working on compiling an up to date version of MPlayer since I can't get the one from the codec pack to play video. I'm using DJWillis's toolchain freshly installed...
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    Pandora Pandora Sdk Installer

    Would you mind being more specific about what you did to get it working? I'm having the exact same issue with opkg-target. Some other tool chain recommended copying /etc/opkg/* from my Pandora to /etc/opkg/ on my development box (in this case a fresh install of Debian Squeeze) but I haven't been...
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    How Long Does It Take The Pandora Team To Respond To E-mails?

    It took 2 and a half weeks for my money order to make it from mid-US to the UK so give it another week. Generally I've gotten a reply from the customer service gals in about 1 business day (no weekend responses), they're very friendly and helpful.
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    Reordering Update

    Just an update regarding my cancelled Xoom transfer. I called the customer support number I received in an email and after pulling up my transaction the rep told me that "the company does not have a good record with us". I'm not entirely sure what that means since all they do is take your money...
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    Reordering Update

    Transaction Log Date Activity Dec 19, 2008 07:31:30 AM Cancellation Complete Dec 19, 2008 07:31:30 AM Cancellation in Progress Dec 19, 2008 07:30:49 AM Cancellation Started Dec 19, 2008 07:30:30 AM Xoom Processing In a nutshell, at 7:30 AM, the next morning, they cancelled the transaction. Why...
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    Credit Card Orders

    I'm a little bit perturbed by the recent front page update that CC reorders are going to be closer to release. I paid $380 on Sep 30th ($370 for product/accessory/shipping and $10 my bank apparently charged me for the currency conversion) and my refund was $304 on the 10th. In the last 5 days...
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    New Renderings: Hires And Pandora-res With Size Comparison

    The physical shape of the keyboard keys looks like one of those calculators I had with the single sheet of rubber with grooves in it to separate keys. How about making the keys physically smaller and round or oblong (at least not square/rectangular corners as they are now) and adding a tiny bit...
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    Pandora's Design

    I'll just add my thoughts based on the renders on openpandora.(com|ca) I'm not sure I like the placement of all the ports on the front of the unit. I would put USB and DC power jacks on the back. One of the problems I have with my PSP is the DC cord sticks straight out the bottom so I have a...