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    My Killer Instinct Cab With 1000 In 1 Pcb

    That is exactly the technique we used to get my mates pinball upstairs. Was surprising easy once we had worked out the technique!
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    Scale 1:1 "paper-mache" Pandora

    And you still have time for making paper models! Respect where respect is due!!
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    O2em_gp2x V1.05 Released

    Just a quick post to say I've just compiled o2em_gp2x with the new allegro libary (thanks to kevcal) to add F200 support, I decided this warranted a new version number so 1.05 is here;,0,0,0,5,1840 Nothing new over 1.04 except the F200 support so if you...
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    GP2X F200 Test

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    GP2X F200 Test

    The person testing o2em_gp2x for me on his F200 has also confirmed that it works with using the new library (cheers for that). I will look in to the HW blitter stuff as soon as I get chance.
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    GP2X F200 Test

    Will try that later this evening... Regards, Stephan @Stephan: That is great news, the bios screen is definately further then my tester got so that sounds like it may have solved the problem with o2em, I will suggest he tries the /etc folder I have also sent him a version linked using the...
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    GP2X F200 Test

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    GP2X F200 Test

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    GP2X F200 Test

    o2em_gp2x (also uses allegro) is also not working on the F200 (I only now this because I've just had an email about it as I was the one that ported it to the gp2x). Apparently it gives a black screen and a buzzing noise. Would be great to get this fixed!
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    Whats Coming For The Gp2x?

    That's got me interested! If you need any beta testers then feel free to PM me!
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    Tileworld2x Beta 1

    Holy Crap!!! I lost half my youth playing this on my Lynx, downloading now, can wait to give it a whirl. Thanks!!
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    Sqdef, My Tower-defense Game

    Hopefully I'm not going to get flamed for re-visiting an old thread but this seemed the most sensible place to put it. I was just thinking it would be good to have a "move tower" option which would basically be a shortcut method of selling a while tower and then re-building the equivalent...
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    A Mpeg 4 Player

    In that case they will be quicktime.
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    Handheld Web Browser

    Where did $60 come from? Since it uses GPRS it can be used anywhere that an Orange/T mobile phone can be used so not at my home :-( It isn't reliant on a Wi-Fi spot. It also has a full qwerty keyboard, and most importantly looks rather smart ;-) Figures suggest that it is currently 10x faster...
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    Handheld Web Browser

    Think you must have read it wrong, from what I can see there are no hidden charges, year 1 is free for 20 hours a month (or £5.99 per month unlimited). Year 2 £40 or again (or £5.99 per month unlimited). Unfortunately it seems that it uses...
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    Handheld Web Browser

    Saw this on Ideal World last night (yes I was bored!!) looked rather smart, as anyone got one or heard anything about them?
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    GP2X I Had A Few Crazy Ideas Because I Was Bored.

    There are 10 types of people. Those that understand binary, and those that don't.
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    Making An Enemy Avoid Being Shot

    Actually the point I was raising was that: if ( canmove( x+xVel, y+yVel ) x+=xVel; y+=yVel; return; Is the same same as if ( canmove( x+xVel, y+yVel )) { x+=xVel; } y+=yVel; return; Which definately isn't what he intended. But yes having a move method would be more oo, although the...