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    When will version 1.0.2 be out fixing the zip support?????
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    Atari 2600: Gp2x-2600

    The zip support is broken in the emu :(
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    Gp2x-2600: Atari 2600 Emulator For Gp2x V1.0.1

    zip support is broken :(
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    Pocketsnes V6 Released

    I zip all mine. saves space :)
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    Pocketsnes V6 Released

    Well i'm playing Legend of Zelda Parallel Worlds-> for any zelda fan its a good game well worth playing :) and Thanks again reesy!!
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    Pocketsnes V5 Released

    What exactly do those do for the emu?
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    Pocketsnes V5 Released

    I put the brightness to 150 and now its perfect... Awesomeness!!! thanks Shadow666
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    Pocketsnes V4

    Reesy, So will v5 be released tonight B)
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    Pocketsnes V4

    I vote for a scrotum castration :ph34r:
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    Pocketsnes Version 3

    running at 60 fps for me. SNES Options: Sound: ON Sound Rate: 44100 Volume: 100 Cpu Speed: 250 Frameskip: AUTO Action Buttons: Swapped Show FPS: ON Brightness: 0 Transparencies: ON Render Mode: Unscaled
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    Pocketsnes Released

    I am playing Super Metroid and there is a problem, you need to change the get back to menu to L + R joystick click instead of select I can't select my secondary weapons :blink:
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    I Just Got My Gp2x!!!

    I got mine today :D