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    Window Won't Recognise The Gp2x

    I have put the batteries in, played around with the pre installed games and demos, put in the SD card and checked if OK. tried to connect to PC, but Windows XP keeps saying it does not recognise the GP2X "may be a malfuntion, turn off and start again" Wher do I go from here, as I want to...
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    At risk of being beaten by a blunt instrument for asking silly questions, please know I am not a Techie in any way, so would appreciate some help in laymans terms. Overclocking? 1) Is this done on the emulator software or the GP32 software. 2) In a previous topic it was mention that you can...
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    Snes Emulation On The Blu

    HI All, I am a newbie to the GP32, and am struggling slightly. I have managed to get most emulators working, but cannot get any SNES emu to work. SNES9x crashes out once you pick a game, and Open SNES loads the games, but they have what can only be described as 2 white horizontal scrolling...