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  1. frefol

    Internet Speed Test ver. 2 (poll)

    It's not a very realistic test, though. Since my ISP also hosts one of the speedtest servers, it's basically just showing how fast I'm connecting to my ISP. If I connect to a server in, say Germany, I get 142ms ping with 330Mbps down and 216Mbps up. Yeah I pay the fiber provider and ISP...
  2. frefol

    Internet Speed Test ver. 2 (poll)

    This is good, right? :)
  3. frefol

    SONY PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)

    Quite a lot of people will say 3.60 is the best firmware because it is the easiest to hack it you ever have to redo anything. With the reFOOD plugin it doesn't really matter which one you are on anyway.
  4. frefol

    What have you bought recently?

    Gran Turismo read the analog face buttons. I used it quite a lot.
  5. frefol

    Music Library Manager Sofware

    I used to use MediaMonkey as a media manager. It has a sync option but I never used it so I don't know how well it works.
  6. frefol

    dragon box, dragonbox, phew....

    I just checked on my stock Pixel and it was there as well
  7. frefol

    dragon box, dragonbox, phew....

    Kodi is definitely available on the Android play store. I just installed it on my Shield TV. It's also now available on the Xbox One.
  8. frefol

    Open... and close... and open...

    I only ordered the 4GB version because it was an option. If I'm paying this much for a device I might as well get the most powerful version available.
  9. frefol

    Small GINGE update

    If you have a text file called cpuspeed in the appdata folder it will clock the Pandora to whatever speed you have listed in the file. I have 200 in mine just for Ginge.
  10. frefol

    If a default choice is set, which desktop environment the Pyra OS should have ?

    Is this it?
  11. frefol

    3DSxl doesn't turn on (FIXED)

    Actually if the blue light just flashes for a second and then turns off it just means it cannot find the arm9loaderhax.bin file. Either put it on the SD card or if it is already there backup everything from the SD card and format it. Then copy the files back.
  12. frefol

    Experience with Dreamcast SD-card readers

    I saw it on Assemblergames:
  13. frefol

    Experience with Dreamcast SD-card readers

    I have one. The compatibility is not real great and the loading speed is very slow. Have you seen the USB-GDROM or GDEmu? They replace the GD-ROM drive but they are a lot more expensive than the sd adapters. I have been thinking of getting one of them for a while but now there is an open...
  14. frefol

    Use the Pyra as a DreamPi

    Here is his github page.
  15. frefol

    [Help Request] Restrict program from Joy2Key

    With Joy2Key, you can load specific profiles based on the active application. At least that is what the website says. You should be able to create a profile in Joy2Key for Steam that changes the joypad mappings.
  16. frefol

    Preorders Have Started. (Previously named starts in two hours)

    I just ordered mine without any problems. I've bought so much stuff internationally that I rarely have problems with my bank. I decided to give Link my entire iCP2 payment as a donation since he got screwed as well so that way I wouldn't have to worry about that voucher. I went with the...
  17. frefol

    A little ext breakout (SMD style)

    The chip that was used on the breakout board is the MAX3381E which looks like it's about as much as the FT232RL. Of course if you were going to make an adapter the FT232RL chip would be much more convenient than the MAX3381E, unless you really want the RS232 instead of USB connection.
  18. frefol

    Best Alternative to Windows (XP)

    I just looked this up since it sometimes bothers me too and you can turn it off. They call it tiling. Just go to Control Center -> Windows. Then go to the Placement tab and uncheck "Enable side by side tiling"
  19. frefol

    case 3D files

    I was going to upload the files since I downloaded them but I figured I would try to see if had the page and they do. You can download the files here:
  20. frefol

    "Mark All As Read"

    The "Mark Forums Read" link opens a window asking to mark the current forum read or the whole board, at least for me.