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    Termula2x 0.3.0 "su" Released

    Works really well, it'd be nice if the keyboard was in qwerty configuration, or if users could specify their own configuration, if only for the letter keys. Great work, thanks for this!
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    Termula2x Early Alpha Needs Testing

    I dunno, thought I'd throw my opinion in here, but I think it might be a bad idea to split the keyboard in two for f-200 users, I'd actually rather just leave the keyboard as it is (it's really not that hard to hit the correct letters, and I'm using my index finger), remove the extra step of...
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    Fba2x - Finalburn Alpha Beta 7.2

    Guwange runs pretty fast for me, but it always starts stuttering and then freezes my gp. Do i need to overclock to run it well?
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    Wanted: Gp32 Nlu

    I have a unit that was an FLU, but the front light went out, so i removed the front plate, so it's definitely non-lit. When removing the plate, I lost the on/off switcher button, so It has to be turned on using a little piece of a straw or a pen/pencil, any little poking tool will do. One screw...
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    Software For The F200 (touch)

    It's strange nobody has mentioned the great titles released, here is one of my favorites:〈=en
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    Pandora Packaging

    I think it was a good idea for a thread, I think it would be nice if most of the packaging were recyclable, and he is right, that hard plastic stuff is dangerous, cut myself pretty deep with one once trying to open it, and they last forever in the landfills.
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    Vga Or Dvi Out?

    Will the pandora be able to connect to an external monitor other than a television? The pandora is open source, so i imagine there will be quite a bit more than gaming to do on it, as is the case with the gp2x, and it could be a really compact, low-wattage computer for everyday things like web...
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    Cradle And Usb Slave

    So why do you need to put a hole in the cradle? not exactly sure what you are trying to do.
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    Possible Touchscreen Fix For 4.0.2, 4.1.0 And 4.1.1 Firmwares

    So awesome, tested on 4.1.0, works great, fixed my gmenu2x problems, thank you so much. Just curious, the link to the source is the same as the link to the executable, is the source posted somewhere? Thanks!
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    Firmware 4.1.1 At Gph Site Available

    I'm wondering the same thing...
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    Gp2x Not Reading From Sd

    This has happened to me about 10 times since i've had my gp2x, normally blowing air into the card slot, and all over the card will do it, not very scientific, but it's worked for me :)
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    GP32 Getting Started

    Gp2x wiki Hardware Docs: Nintendo WiFi Adapter: The first link here covers all of the hardware documentation you'd need to know, and it's got some assembler specific stuff for ARM. The Gp2x...
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    Gmenu2x 0.10 Test 1

    So, I have this problem where when i press select, the menu pops-up, but closes again quickly, so i can't create links to my apps. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Fixed 4.1.0 Firmware Available At Gamepark Site

    I already applied this upgrade before the fixed version came out, and there doesn't seem to be any problems, went straight from 4.00 to 4.1.0, touchscreen seems to be working ok.
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    Termula2x 0.1.3 "bordo" Released

    Yeah, so this is awesome, everyone should get it cause it rocks, I can use my fold-up keyboard without having to use gpe now!
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    Usb Wifi Stuff

    Buy the Nintendo WiFi adapter for the wii/ds, it says 'powered by buffalo' on it, and it will work with the packages that are already in the archive here. I've been using it, and it works fine, got it for 30 bucks from fred meyers.
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    Ttd2x Updated - Touchscreen Support And More!

    So does this require the original transport tycoon data files, or does it use the openttd ones?
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    Updated Pandora Info

    Yeah, those renders look ugly, i hope it doesn't look like that. It's basically like one of the OLPC laptops but with a better 3d card and a higher price tag. I wouldn't want to hold my laptop like it was a controller either, wonder if these things are set in stone.
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    Suggest Me A Keyboard For The Gp2x

    While an ext port keyboard may work, assuming you are purchasing the cradle, you would be best off going with a usb keyboard, as they have nearly universal support under linux. I ordered a targus foldable keyboard from here. I like it because it is so small when folded. I haven't verified that...