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    does anybody know the coders well enough to ask them?
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    Snes Emulation

    does anybody know if there is support for star ocean on any of the current SNES emulators? I used to think I just had a messed rom, but it turns out you gotta grab some graphic and or translation packs. So last night I got star ocean working on zsnes with the graphic packs and managed to...
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    Psx4gp2x Or Gp2x Psx4all

    I think back when my gp2x still worked, I actually got through the first couple of battles in final fantasy seven. It was terribly slow, but at the moment, it was also incredibally awesome! I might have actually left it on my SD if it wasn't such a big file; I found certain ISOs with a lot of...
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    What Is New?

    alright, sweet! Thanks Gp2x community! yeah, that's what I figured; think I remember hearing about that before, just wanted to make sure, right? there's a new system? What's the story on that?
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    What Is New?

    say, I don't mean to sound completely noobish, but what's the deal with mame? I always hear people getting all excited over it, and even thought to download an emu once, but I'd have no clue what to download to play on it. It's like arcade stuff, right? Raiden and metal slug sort of deal? edit...
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    What Is New?

    I wouldn't know how to do it, and I know that a lot of people get kinda TOed at people who go on about fixing or sending in their bricked systems
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    What Is New?

    hey ya'll, I bricked my gp2x maybe a year or so ago, and never got around to buying a new one. But I was looking at the corpse the other day, and was thought to check back in on the forums. Ya know, see if it's worth upwards of a hundred dollars to get a new one. I ran through the topics quick...
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    How To Convert Any Playable Movie File

    hey, I might have to check this out for turning my realplayer bleach episodes into gp2x avi's. The real question, though is will work with my itunes mpeg4 files or whatever? Normally my converter would convert the file type, but f@ckin steve jobs has all my downloaded itunes movies protected. If...
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    Mario Rpg Lotss

    whoa man, that's pretty sweat... I might think to do that with my computer as it has many plugs and outlets that aren't typically on computers and stuff. Imagine how wierd people would think you were in public with those suckers!
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    Dynarec Completed For Psx4all Project.

    well, considering I downloaded FFVII off a host site (which is legal since I do own the game, thus own the disk) and the file does not work, perhaps I can download this and rip another copy of the game off the original disk. thanks reiboul! edit: LOL! I can't work this program for my life!
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    Dynarec Completed For Psx4all Project.

    I'm absolutely sure my bios is fine, and as mentioned before, my img works with the older version (and my computer of course). Most programs I've tried have worked for crap on my computer, but I will try running my FFVII img through that CDRWIN deal. whilst on the subject of the ability to run...
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    Dynarec Completed For Psx4all Project.

    hate to jut into the whole cache conversation, but my internet has been acting up and wouldn't let me add my sentiments earlier. I just downloaded the alpha 3 or whatever (newest public dealio) and booted it on my gp2x. Now, I recall people saying that FFVII works on this sucker but it fails to...
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    Psx Iso Formating Question.

    I just figured out that it will run IMG game files, but I would not put money on ISZ. Looking back on some things, stuff for the gp2x is starting to get pretty sweat. For example: I started emulating on my PSP which worked excelently (snes, genesis, and GBA) so when I bought the gp2x because...
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    Psx Iso Formating Question.

    friday?! GEEZ! I've been gone from the forums for a longer time than I thought. What's the deal with the next release? is frameskip the main deal they're working on, or are they adding other settings features?
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    Psx Iso Formating Question.

    KICKASS!!! Not only did I confirm for myself that IMG files work on the gp2x, but I can also tell evyone that star ocean works at a decent speed... COOL! way to go guys and thanks
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    Psx Iso Formating Question.

    hmmmmm... I'll try it, give me a sec. I guess the last time I tried my IMG file was back before they really hit the developing hard.
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    Psx Iso Formating Question.

    hey, I finally got an ISO running on my GP2X (ridgeracer) and I recall reading that final fantasy seven was running at some kind of playable speed, so I really wanted to see that. My only problem with putting FFVII on my GP2X and getting that out of my system is the fact that my copy of FFVII...
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    Itunes Like Program For The Gp2x A Good Idea?

    why does the gp2x community want to attract a broader audience? I just don't understand. You have to WANT to emulate to WANT to buy a gp2x. Trying to attract people who would otherwise be DS or PSP users is just uncomprehendable. There is nothing we can REALLY do that will have a huge affect on...
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    Gameboy/advance Questions

    I agree. If you are part of aformentioned "different crowd, you probably aren't scouring the internet for a device that can best emulate the gba. In this case, you are more than likely buying an actual gba.
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    GP2X Gba Emu And Static Translation

    way to go man! Now, I'm no programer (not good at dedicating a lot of time to one thing, particularly not a monotinous string of code), but this is looking like it's coming along. I read through most of the thread (couldn't understand a lot of the code talk... buncha robot people you guys are)...