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    Gps And Gps Receiver?

    ok, according to the Pandora spec. can it emulate Window Mobile 5 or earlier version? if yes, does anyone have plan to work on it? it would be answome to turn the pandora into working windows PDA platform...
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    Gps And Gps Receiver?

    can it be done?
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    Gizmondo's Emu Vs Gp2x's Emu?

    Squidge has spoken, Ok,i pass the Giz . Man, with 400nhz, snes and gpa might be full speed some days! Pitty!!!!!!!!
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    Gizmondo's Emu Vs Gp2x's Emu?

    The Giz i am looking at is sold for $140(shipping Inlcuded) ,well it is not very bad! It has 400mhz processor,maybe snes or gba emu will work better on it, what a pity that no dev want to work on it anymore!
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    Gizmondo's Emu Vs Gp2x's Emu?

    Already have Gp2x and Psp now I am planning to purchase a Gizmondo mainly becasue GPS feature and in my budget . I just wonder how is giz's emu compared to Gp2x's emu particularly Snes and gba? Should i hold off for XGP also powered by win ce? Thank in advantage
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    Is This The Xgp

    is it really that we will see the final spec and prototype of XGP 2morrow?
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    For Anyone Who Cares...

    It is better for the Gp2x to have a Good version of Snes emus before the Iriver and Xgp out. ...and surely, Snes is one of the key for Gp2x's success.Go Squidge!
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    This Console Look Very Sexy!

    it has a touch screen and can be used as a normal Pocket PC that mean i can use other software like Dictionaries, GPS... As for emulators, Pocket PC/ Windows Mobile has lots, including MAME, SNES, NES and PSX....It's definitely got big potential. Hey let take a look at this pictures and you...
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    This Console Look Very Sexy!

    Compare Gp2x to the Iriver G10. WVGA (800x480) 4 and 8GB of storage space Windows Mobile 5 My god! i hope this console encorouge Homebrew.
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    Gp2x Emulators: Are They Buggy?

    about the gba, and snes emus, i don't think Gp2x's power can even make it to full speed. Wait until the XGP coming out....and we all have a handle that powerful enough to emulate those 2.... XGp....xgp.....
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    thank for the Good work! Just have 1 question: Do you have any plan to develop the Snes emu? (Co-Develop with NK) ps: i will donate double the amount i donated to you for the DrMD :D Thank
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    Flickering And Diag. Lines Are Software Probs.

    But, Snes is not as good as this yet! i am a bit sad ! Come on dev, please start work on Snes plz!
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    Who Is Going To Wait?

    i will wait until the XGP come out! then decide which one is better...
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    Snes Emulator Screenshots!

    yeah snes!!!!
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    Which Emulator Do You Want To Have?

    The admin didn't allow me to list so many choices so i have to deleted them beside those two weren't popular!
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    Which Emulator Do You Want To Have?

    Ok guys, since we all love snes, let choose it so that developer know that snes is in everyone wish list! and start working on it!
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    Which Emulator Do You Want To Have?

    Since The Gp2x has been shipPed already , let choose which emulator do you want to see in the console first. B) My Choice: :D SNES :D gp32_console
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    Mitac Mio Ez Mini Pmp

    ok, since someone has posted an new portable device so i am going to show you a cool new looking device: Spec: ntel-powered PMP (or PDA) with a 416 MHz processor, 320 x 240 2.7-inch LCD, 64MB RAM/64MB ROM, 802.11b, and USB 2.0. Supported filetypes seem to be MP3, WMA, DiVx, MPEG4, and WMV...
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    Gph Refused Gp2x-f200.

    From∂=00 :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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    New Gp2x Site And Good News

    just how do you know all of this informations? are you working for gph? i've not seen any offical annoucement from GPH yet?