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  1. Darkknight512

    Sending my Pandora in for repairs + case swap

    So how much money should I include to get a case swap?
  2. Darkknight512

    Sending my Pandora in for repairs + case swap

    Hello, my Pandora (256 MB, CC board) is starting to fail, touchy volume wheel, faulty SD card latch, PTOD and failing left nub and I am about to send it in for repairs. I have not been on the boards much lately, where do I send my Pandora? I bought it used from someone who bought it from ED. I...
  3. Darkknight512

    How about a next gen Atom for the Pandora 2 ?

    I think one thing to note about the Medfield chip is that it is a single core (though hyper threaded), this could make it easier to use the available processing power without haveing to worry about multi-threading.
  4. Darkknight512

    Video Thread - Post your videos here!

    Oh woops, I only read the thread title, not the category. Thought this was a Pandora video collection thread for preparing for the new site or something.
  5. Darkknight512

    Video Thread - Post your videos here!

    Edit: Woops didn't read
  6. Darkknight512

    Release SuperZaxxon - Beta 5 released

    I very much agree with the above, LiPo batteries are perfectly fine when they are used properly. However they can easily take your life or home if not used properly. This is something very common in the RC hobby, when someone charges a battery after a plane crash, runs too much current from a...
  7. Darkknight512

    Charging Pandora directly from ATX PSU safe?

    If its 5 volts, then its fine as long as you are able to supply up to 2A.
  8. Darkknight512

    Android gingerbread in a pnd?

    I'm not too familiar with Android but just curious, what build is this? Would it make a difference if you built it from Cyanogen? Maybe they have put in some optimizations or something. As always, Awesome work Notaz, copying the PND to my SD card now. Edit: Oh never mind, saw the TI...
  9. Darkknight512

    UK - what magazines should we advertise in

    I don't read magazines but I hang out on forums a lot. Maybe contact a few and talk to the people there and see if you can get something out of it. I regularly go on , I think some of the people there would be interested in the OP.
  10. Darkknight512

    Questions about the nubs

    I'm having a similar issue, mine cropped up after about a year.
  11. Darkknight512

    Left Nub: To the Left, to the left!

    Same problem I have, my problems have cropped up about 1 year after I got my Pandora. The nub would not calibrate, and I can't move to the left.
  12. Darkknight512

    Does 512mb help with browsing?

    I would be quite sure it does because I run out of ram on my 256MB model, however, with ZRAM in the new OS beta, and it is much better. 512MB would be perfect.
  13. Darkknight512

    LEDs and their meanings...

    I would actually love to see leds presoldered in those blank slots, maybe with cut spots on the traces and new pads for a custom set of leds. However presoldered built in one would be useful.
  14. Darkknight512

    [SOLVED] New Pandora Owner - Conky issues

    You need to get on that, it really is awesome.
  15. Darkknight512

    Release SuperZaxxon - Beta 4 released

    In Beta 4 I'm getting occasional lockups of the whole OS when activating WIFI.
  16. Darkknight512

    The biggest computer/gaming mistake you have ever made.

    I think the only big mistake I have made when choosing parts for my computer is my choice of a Gigabyte P43 UD3L instead of a P45. My chip wants to clock higher but the motherboard is at the FSB wall. Other then that, I regret building a mid-tower and hoped I built a SFF pc.
  17. Darkknight512

    Release PCSX ReARMed, with a new GPU

    I'm working my way through Legend of Dragoon as well. I finished Final Fantasy 7 a while back, must say it met all the hype and broke my expectations.
  18. Darkknight512

    checking back in

    I never even go into low power mode, shutting the lid is good enough for me. The power draw with nothing running and the lid closed is 25 mA, or about 160 hours.
  19. Darkknight512

    Left Nub Behaving Oddly